Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Me and Mine - April 2016

I seem to have lost track of time the past month and I am running late on our Me and Mine Project in April. We have had a wonderful month with lots of time outside enjoying the better weather. We have had picnics, park trips and D even went to the cinema for the first time!

Me and Mine project 2016 - Us Two Plus You

Our Me and Mine photo this month was taken on our way to the park. It's not perfect but I'm happy with the picture. I love D's expression and we are smiling enjoying the day in the sun. That's all that matters, I don't want perfect pictures I want picture's of our memories. Real pictures that are funny, odd and very much us.


I also got this photo of D and Simon on the slide with me beside them. Seems it wasn't a great photo day for me.

This month I have loved:

  • Coffee breaks

  • Re-reading The Crossfire series

  • Smelly candles

  • Sunny Days

  • Going to the Cinema with D

  • New haircut

This month Daddy has loved:

  • Going out in the sun

  • Playing tickle monster with D

  • Watching Jeff Dunham

  • Lazy Sunday's

  • Doing puzzles with D

This month D has loved:

  • Learning to write letters

  • Playing in the sun

  • Going to the park

  • Meeting his baby cousin for the first time

  • Going to the Cinema for the first time

  • Ice pops

Now that the weather has changed and we have had more sunshine we are enjoying more and more days out. I look forward to the rest of May when we will be getting out most of the time and really enjoying our family time more than we have over the last few months.

We are linking up to Dear Beautiful for the Me + Mine Project. You can visit Dear Beautiful by clicking on the badge below.



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