Sunday, 29 May 2016

My Sunday Photo - Flying Ham

For this weeks My Sunday Photo I am sharing a photo of D. It's not anything amazing or even a photo filled with colour but I wanted to share the story behind the photo.

It all started on Friday night/ Saturday morning at 2am when D woke up and came to Simon telling him he didn't want to sleep in his bed because there was a flying ham in it! Now Simon like most people when face with a child talking about a flying ham just thought he had a bad dream and let him get into bed with him. D proceeded to tell Simon all about his flying ham, The flying ham kept talking while D was trying to go to sleep. It was also messing about at his window and was trying to open it! Not only that but the flying ham was being bold and not listening to D when he told it to stop. At this point Simon was pretty confused and eventually got D to lie down and go to sleep.

On Saturday morning when I woke up I was faced with D asking over and over again for flying ham! I had no idea what he wanted and even took him to the kitchen in search of 'flying ham', to no avail. In the end I asked D to take me to his flying ham, after posting my confusion on Facebook. D took my hand and walked me up to his bedroom while telling me the flying ham was trying to open his window and that it was in his bed waiting. We got to the bed and there was nothing there! Well I was wrong, D pulled back the blanket and siting on the bed was.. a small square of toilet paper which D proudly held up saying "my flying ham!"


You would think that would be it right? This wonderful flying ham that can talk and open windows had been found. The toilet paper had to come back down stairs with us where D rolled it up into a small ball and spent the next hour or two talking to it and having a conversation. He was so incredibly happy with his flying ham and their conversation. He came over to me countless times to tell me all the things they where talking about. To name a few the flying ham was sad the sun was gone, it had eaten all the popcorn, it wanted to go outside with us and last but not least it wanted to get it's photo taken with D. That is the photo I am using for My Sunday Photo this week.

We where going out a little while after the flying ham had stopped talking and needed "a little rest". Myself and D got dressed and where almost ready to go when D piped up asking if his flying ham could come too. The answer was no! There was no way I could try getting D throuh shops in town with his little piece of toilet paper in tow while he talked to it and eventually it would go missing. In the end I asked D if it was time for the flying ham to go home> He very reluctantly agreed. While I thought D wasn't looking I threw the piece of toilet paper in the buin but boy was that the wrong move! D had seen me and was very upset! I had to tell him that he could get another flying ham when we came home just to leave the house.

It was one very funny morning in our house and I love that D has such an active imagination that one tiny piece of toilet paper can become something that isn't even in the world!

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

What We're Reading - Curious George Catches A Train

One of D's favourite shows on TV has always been Curious George. When he was around one he would watch only Disney Junior and as soon as Curious George came on he lit up. Nothing could distract him from watching George and The man in the yellow hat. After a while I went in search of any toys that where of Curious George, after a few weeks I gave up as there didn't seem to be any. In the end we settled for getting D a monkey from Build-A-Bear which we named Curious George. It has always been D's favourite.


Last month while we where out I came across a range of Curious George books and I knew that D would love one! I stood looking at all the titles a few times and in the end I chose Curious George Catches a Train by Margret & H. A. Rey's. We had seen most of the other episodes on TV and I don't remember seeing this one.


The story of this book is that Curious George and the man in the yellow hat go to the train station to catch a train but as usual George gets up to some
Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Potty Training

I've written a few times in our old adventure's this week posts and none of our attempts to start potty training really stuck but we are well on our way now and I think it's time we shared our journey through the start of potty training.


At the start of potty training D point-blank refused to use his potty even though he had picked it out! He didn't like it and would only sit on the potty as a seat. He had a few accidents and once they happened he would just cry and cry because he was wet. Once we had cleaned up he did calm down again but for the first day or two that was all we got!

Things changed when we had an incident which I am going to forever refer to as the bum chocolate incident! D had never seen his own poo before. Actually he'd only seen dogs poo until we started potty training and when he did his first poo without a nappy he was still refusing to use the potty. I have no idea how he managed it as I was in the kitchen and Simon had run to the bathroom quickly but I walked in to D holding up his poo like a trophy with the most horrified face. He told me " Mummy, There's chocolate coming from my bum!!". My first reaction was to laugh, I just couldn't help it. I thought something was really wrong when I seen his face and the minute he said chocolate coming from my bum it just slipped out.

Thank goodness that he hadn't tried to eat the bum chocolate!  We cleaned him up and the chair where he had actually had his poo while I explained that poo is normal and it is not chocolate. I told him he can never eat poo just to be safe.

He was quite inquisitive about poo and wanted to know why it happens. After we had a chat about all thing poo. (Not something I thought I'd have a pretty long conversation about with my 3-year-old.) We had a little chat about using the potty and why he needs to try his best to use the potty when he needs to go to the toilet. I told him how the potty stops his pee and poo going on the floor or the chairs and that I can empty it out when he is finished, ready for the next time.


Later on that night I talked to Simon about getting a sticker chart for potty training. D loves stickers and I thought he would try using the potty if he knew he would get a sticker when he did. So the next day we where in town and he picked out a few packets of stickers to use on the chart I found. Once we got home we put them up on the door and took off D's trousers and nappy.

It had worked. The first time D went in the potty he had sat there for a while until he went. Once he had gone in the potty he seemed to be fine the rest of the day but come the next morning when his nappy came off he would sit on the potty for around 20 minutes until he went. We never figured out why but he could have just been reminding himself what it felt like to need to go. Whatever the reason it worked and we went from having accidents every time to having maybe one every few days if he couldn't get to the potty fast enough.


It felt like a miracle! For the next week D was quite happy to be nappy free at home during the day. We had been out shopping and I asked D if he would like to go pick out some pants or boxers for us to get. In the end he couldn't decide and we bought one pack of both to start us off. He was still wearing nappies outside and through the night so when we where popping to the shop one afternoon we simply put a pair of pants on him and walked down together when we got home D was still dry and had needed to use the potty.

After a few days of walking to the shop and coming back still dry we braved going a little further for a little bit long and we popped out to do our weekly shop. I knew there was toilets there and that if he really did need to go he could use them with some help. We managed to get our shopping done and almost home before D said he needed to go and honestly I think it was the fact we where almost home and he knew he could use the potty once we got there. From that point on D wore nappies at bed and on a Thursday when we where out almost all day.


It was around this point that D started telling us he didn't want to wear a nappy to bed but wanted to keep his pants on.  There is a section on his sticker chart for staying dry all night but I wasn't sure that we where ready for bed time potty training and we said no. He asked every night to keep his pants on and after a few days we all agreed he would try it for one night and maybe he will stay dry and even if he didn't he would stop asking for a while. He usually did have a dry nappy when he was woken up and would go a little while after he was awake. I had got some pads to put on his bed just in case he did have an accident but he stayed dry! All night long and he went in his potty the next morning. He's been wearing pants to bed since then and has only had 2 accidents however they weren't really night-time accidents more like early morning accidents where he was trying to get to the potty but couldn't hold it in. I went in to his room to empty the potty and he had made a tail of pee from the edge of his bed to the potty. It has now been almost 2 weeks since that last happened!

The final stage of getting nappy free for us was about 2 weeks ago when we went to nannies armed with our potty and some changes of clothes. D did brilliantly and only needed to use the potty once we got there and before we left. He stayed dry and has now been completely nappy free for 2 weeks!

Up to last week we had the potty in the living-room and in D's bedroom at night with some potty training wipes which where flush able. He would wash his hands with a wipe too. Once we knew we had the potty training going well we moved the potty into the bathroom and D has quite happily went up stairs to use potty. He uses toilet roll once he is finish and cleans his hands with soap in the sink. For the first few times I would wash my hands with him and let him see how to wash them properly. I've actually caught him emptying his potty once or twice into the toilet before washing his hands! He loves to be independent.

The most instrumental thing we did for potty training was buying our sticker chart. Since then D has come on in leaps and bounds! He gained a sense of confidence from using the potty and getting a sticker. The past week or two he has stopped wanting stickers and is very proud of himself for not needing any help with using his potty other than to empty it and  have a feeling he will soon be beating me to that! He is very self-assured with using the potty and needs to have the door closed in the bathroom on his own when he goes. This part has meant that D now understands why myself and Simon want to be alone in the bathroom when we use the toilet. (At long last!)

I hadn't expected potty training to be so quick! We got our sticker chart on the 15th of April and D has done so well. I know it won't be long before he decides it is time to toilet train but for now we are enjoying the fact we have no more nappy changing to do! We will be getting a portable potty very soon too.

Are you potty training? How is it going? We would love to know!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

# My Sunday Photo - Amature Photographer

Yep. It's time for My Sunday Photo. This week I took a lot of photo's but in the end I choose one that I didn't take. Don't worry I didn't take anyone else's work from online. Our photographer this week has been D! He is surprisingly good at taking photos for a 3-year-old.

This came about on Wednesday morning when instead of waking me up like he normally does D decided it was the perfect time to get my phone and take some pictures of his own! He took a whole lot of pictures and even figured out how to get the camera on my phone to take pictures in black and white.

Most of the picture's D took where of  one of his favourite books. He also took picture's of my room, walls, bedding, pillows and of me sleeping.Usually when D takes photos they turn put very blurry or so close up that you can't really tell what the subject is. Well that or he takes phone of the ground and ceiling. He has never really took photos that you can see or tell what they are!


The picture's he took of his book where very close up and where surprisingly good. However I did choose a picture he took of me sleeping as I love the angle and how well he did in taking the picture so clearly. You can see so much detail with my very messy strands of hair and honestly they all make me very proud of him!

In a world where everything has become so very technologically advanced being creative is expressed in so many new ways. Photography has been around for much longer than today's technology but it has become so much more advanced now with all our software for editing and much better camera's with even better quality of photos. I mean each of us carries around a camera in our pockets or bags daily. we are always near a camera and most likely on some form of camera footage or photos many times a day.  I like that D is starting a relationship with photography already and I hope that he continues being creative in which ever way he chooses.

I love that D is picking up on my love of photography and is enjoying taking his own photos.

Do your kids take photo's on your phone?

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Friday, 20 May 2016

A Trip To.. The Cinema

At the end of April I took D to the Cinema for the first time to see Alvin and the Chipmunks Road Chip in The Odyssey. He was beyond excited about going to see the chipmunks on the big screen!

I found out a while ago about a scheme The Odyssey Cinema has with NI4Kids where they do a movie every Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 am which is a showing for children of all ages. Each week they show a children's movie for the weekend it costs £1.50 per person, even for the adults. I had said to Simon a while ago that I wanted to take D sometime. I hadn't went sooner because well I was worried about how D would behave during the film.

The view from the Odyssey We enjoyed looking out at the view.[/caption]
We got there pretty early which was fine as we got to enjoy the sun and the view from the Odyssey. Isn't it beautiful? D loved looking at the boats and pointing out all the parts he knew the names of. We spent a good bit of time looking out and talking about all the boat facts I know. (Not that many! He was impressed though.)

[gallery ids="4798,4797" type="rectangular"]
D found the perfect place to sit while he enjoyed the sunshine and he even managed to find a small grassy area where he could run around for a bit too.

The Odyssey Cinemas

It didn't take long for D's patience to break and we headed in to buy some popcorn and get our seats! As you can see it took much less time getting into the cinema when D was excited. D loved getting to see all the popcorn and watching how they scooped it up into boxes.

They had a great kids box which I got one each for us and it had everything you need for a great cinema experience. It had a good amount of popcorn along with a drink and a small pack of haribo. I do think that the box could be improved with a slight adjustment. They need handles. D struggled with holding his box and being able to walk which left me trying to juggle 2 boxes of popcorn and drink while getting D to the right screen, showing staff our tickets and still keeping hold of my bag and coat. A handle on 2 sides of the box would have been ideal for him to carry on his own.

Screen number 8

D was very excited by the time we got to our screen and helped us find screen number 8 by counting all the numbers beside the screens on our way. Which lead to the photo above when we got to screen 8. D wanted everyone to see his popcorn and juice too. I plan to get this photo printed out and framed with our tickets from the day.


Once we got inside D choose a seat in the first row we seen. It was roughly around the middle of the room and at a good viewing point for the screen.I wasn't able to get a great photo inside the room.  He was more than happy to wait a little while on the film starting as he was too busy eating some of his popcorn. Once the screen came on and the ads for other children's films started showing D was a little confused. He kept telling me "That's not the chipmunks!" Surprisingly the ads didn't last that long and we where soon into Alvin and the chipmunks Road Chip. I didn't take any photo's during the film but we enjoyed the whole movie very much and I love that D was able to get up and dance a little without disturbing anyone. There was under 20 people in total there and most of those where other children of all ages. The volume was loud enough that you couldn't hear people talking unless they where beside you. I really liked that if D wanted to tell me something about the film (much like he usually does) then he could.

The lights in the cinema where dimmed as usual but there wasn't any dark parts in the film and you could see around the room really well. I could clearly see D and I could also see many other people in the room. It wasn't just shadows moving past to use the bathroom.

D loved the film and wanted to go see another one right after. I was pretty surprised that he stayed engaged through the whole film and really enjoyed himself!


On our way home after the film we crossed over the new bridge in town where I got this picture of D. The weather had taken a rather dramatic turn while we where watching the film.

I have to say that after not going to the cinema in the 3 years since D was born it was a wonderful experience to go with him. The Odyssey Cinema kids club is such a great idea! It is the perfect setting for children and their parents to enjoy a good film and cinema experience as a family. There are some other cinemas around the UK which offer similar programmes for children and families too.  If you would like to find out more about the current films available for the kids club at Odyssey Cinemas you can click on the link above.
Saturday, 14 May 2016

# My Sunday Photo - Splash!

It's Sunday! I know I can't believe another week has passed. It has been a wonderful week filled with sun shine and family fun. There has not been one day this week where we haven't left the house. I'm loving every day. We are all happier as a family and more importantly we are being active daily. There's very little time being spent in doors and where we are inside we are still playing games or reading stories. The TV and tech seem to be melting away in the distance which is another fantastic plus!

On Friday we got our D's firetruck ball pit/ pool which we have never used a s a pool before. D was a little annoyed that I was pouring so much water inside at first but he soon got over it when he realised he could get in the water and play! It wasn't long before bubbles where demanded and then came the balls. Before we put the balls in I managed to get a few good shots of D and Simon splashing each other. It is one of those shots that I chose as this weeks #MySundayPhoto.


There's so much I love about this one! I'll start with the moment itself, D was splashing water at Simon from the pool which was pretty funny to watch while simon tried to stop the water hitting him ( that didn't go well! ). Eventually they just started splashing each other. I love that you can see every little splash of water lifting up in the air to splash D. I think this is the best shot I got all day. everything is so clear even though there was a constant moment involved. I also really like the range of bright sun and colourful surrounds of the bright red pool compared to the shadowy area in the background. 

Every week I find myself loving more and more photo's. I'm always looking for new places and unique things to point my camera phone at. Finding the My Sunday Photo link up was a great discovery and it has really changed my view on my obsessive photo taking.
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P.S. Have a wonderful Sunday guys!


What We're Reading - The Chronicles of Narnia Part 2

A while back we talked about reading The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, Prince Caspian and The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader which you can read through the link if you missed it. Both D and I fell in love with The Chronicles of Narnia in the first 3 books we read together. By book number four we where pretty much obsessed and D loved going to bed where we could read more!


The next book we read was The magician's Nephew which has always been a favourite of mine. I remember this book vividly from reading the series as a child. The Magician's Nephew is all about the beginning of Narnia many years before Lucy first visits through the magic wardrobe and even before the white witch! The white witch is actually in this book and we found out how she came to be in Narnia along with many other important points that play into The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. If you have yet to read any of the books I do recommend starting with this book as it really runs in a timeline from here to the other three books we already read.


This book is more about the magical and mystical side of Narnia and how Narnia is created from nothing. Some people view this book as C.S. Lewis' way to tell how God created the world and although that may be true I love this books for what it is, a story. A great story! Finding the many places that can be reached though magical glowing rings that hum. Rings found in an attic belonging to a magician.


The two main characters in the story from the start are Polly and Digory who are both children, Polly has a 'cave' in her attic which is actually tunnel to all the houses in the row on her street. Through this tunnel they find Uncle Andrew's study in the attic of Digory's house by accident while trying to reach an empty house next door. Uncle Andrew has created the ring which will teleport the person touching them to "The wood between the world's". The rest of story involves so much adventure and wonder that I don't want to ruin for anyone who has never read these C.S. Lewis novels.


Next up we went on to read The Horse and His Boy. A story which is about a boy who lives in the lands below Narnia known as Tashbann where human's live. These human's have their own culture's and slavery is one of them which we already knew from The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. One of these slaves is a boy who happens to find a talking horse sharing his stable one night. The talking horse is from Narnia and was captured as a foal. Together they escape and go on a journey to find their home of Narnia.


Through this journey the go through many trials together including running from wild lions, walking through a city filled with people who might kill them at any moment if they knew who they where and most important people who must never know that Bree and another Narnian horse they meet along the way can talk.

You learn so much about the other parts of the Narnian world. Parts that we have not yet known about. During their journey they learn of a plan to invade Narnia and take over all the talking animals. A plan which only 2 children and 2 talking horses can save Narnia from. They have so many obstacles to overcome in this race to save their home which they don't remember. Can they do it? Can they save Narnia in time? and will Narnia accept them?


The third book we read was The Silver Chair. This story follows along to The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader and involves many characters which appeared in the books Prince Caspian and The Voyage of The Dawn Treader. Caspian is much older in this book and is very close to dying. Eustace and a friend of his Jill, from his school in England are the main two characters in this story.


The book starts on a very surprising note when Eustace falls off the highest cliff you have ever imagined. However Aslan has saved him and sent him to Narnia on  a breath. (yes really!) D was very excited about this book from the start as Aslan has sent the two children on a mission to find the missing prince and only heir to Narnia. On this mission they meet some very unfriendly people, beasts and giants. All of which try to change the direction of which they are looking. There's a lot happening in this story. Many meetings of character's we have met before and many more that we haven't. Aslan has given the children a list which they must remember at all times. A list which will be instrumental to their finding the prince. There is a constant sense of danger and adventure inside this book and many more journey's they have to take in order to find the lost prince of Narnia. I can't say much about this book as there are so many surprises in store. However we loved reading along, D enjoyed every page and was fighting to stay awake so he could hear more. It took us around 6 days to finish this one and it was a great read.


The final book in the series is adeptly called The Last Battle and boy is it a good one! The Last Battle has so many wonderful treats in store. The whole book is about, you guessed it the last ever battle of Narnia. There are so many lessons to be learnt through this book for everyone. An ape found a lion skin and convinced his friend the donkey to wear it. Through this the ape impersonates Aslan and throws all of Narnia into chaos, frightened animals and savage tashbanns are ruining riot in Narnia. They capture the king and it is he who calls to the Son's of Adam and the Daughter's of Eve to help him save Narnia.


They have to find a way to save Narnia from the treacherous creatures that hold the fate of Narnia in their hands. There will be an epic battle of the few true Narnians and those too scared to fight the enemy. However this story is not exactly about the end of Narnia. It is about much, much more than that. In this book you will meet every single character in any of the stories. All apart from Susan who no longer believes in Narnia itself. The Last Battle hold so much emotion and adventure inside it's pages. D and I laughed, we cried, we were shocked and most of all we were captivated by this story more than the rest. I didn't remember what happened in this book and so I was much the same as D in wanting to keep reading. C.S. Lewis created a powerful story in the final book about Narnia. A story which can be seen in many ways and from many points of view. It's more about what you want to believe the story is about than what he wanted the story to be about. What is even better is that there is a part in the story where some characters choose to not believe in or see Aslan and every other character. More about how you can not change a person or creature that truly believes in something or simply chooses not to. A powerful message that can be put towards anything in life.

This whole book is a roller-coaster of emotions and I was surprised D was able to connect through each point and turn. He knew what was happening and how that made him feel. I love that he has built a connection to each and every character inside every story. He knows the morals of each tale and can tell me which characters are good or bad. D created a bond with the main characters in each seperate story and was incredibly excited when they all came together. He still knew that Susan wasn't there and he even said he missed Susan. The Chronicles of Narnia sparked D's imagination and took him on a wild journey through a place we as adults can struggle to even imagine. I loved going to bed each night with D and watching as his eyes lit up with excitement about Narnia and the wonderful adventure's that happen there.

I know that these books are going to stay on our reading list. They are timeless tales that can apply to any generation. These will be a classic that D and I indulge in every year or two. I love the books and I know that D has enjoyed each and every page! I would say that if you haven't read C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia then you are missing out. They are for the young and old alike. This makes them the perfect books for reading to children at any time. If you have a child that is older than the other(s) they would still be perfect for a family story!

You can buy any of the books on Amazon by clicking on the links above  which will take you to amazon.Each book costs £6.99 and The Last Battle is £7.99.  You can also find any of our other reads by clicking on the badge below.

Happy reading guys!


What we're reading novels
Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Me and Mine - April 2016

I seem to have lost track of time the past month and I am running late on our Me and Mine Project in April. We have had a wonderful month with lots of time outside enjoying the better weather. We have had picnics, park trips and D even went to the cinema for the first time!

Me and Mine project 2016 - Us Two Plus You

Our Me and Mine photo this month was taken on our way to the park. It's not perfect but I'm happy with the picture. I love D's expression and we are smiling enjoying the day in the sun. That's all that matters, I don't want perfect pictures I want picture's of our memories. Real pictures that are funny, odd and very much us.


I also got this photo of D and Simon on the slide with me beside them. Seems it wasn't a great photo day for me.

This month I have loved:

  • Coffee breaks

  • Re-reading The Crossfire series

  • Smelly candles

  • Sunny Days

  • Going to the Cinema with D

  • New haircut

This month Daddy has loved:

  • Going out in the sun

  • Playing tickle monster with D

  • Watching Jeff Dunham

  • Lazy Sunday's

  • Doing puzzles with D

This month D has loved:

  • Learning to write letters

  • Playing in the sun

  • Going to the park

  • Meeting his baby cousin for the first time

  • Going to the Cinema for the first time

  • Ice pops

Now that the weather has changed and we have had more sunshine we are enjoying more and more days out. I look forward to the rest of May when we will be getting out most of the time and really enjoying our family time more than we have over the last few months.

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Saturday, 7 May 2016

# My Sunday Photo - Crossing The Bridge

Last Saturday I took D to the cinema for the first time. We had a lovely day, the sun was shinning and it was pretty warm. On our way home we crossed over a bridge in the city centre. The bridge is still pretty new and is very modern with beautiful glass panels on one side while the other has steel cable wires. You get quite a view on either side of the bridge and I just couldn't help snapping a picture of D as we walked across.


I liked the photo that I took however I wanted to see how it would look in black, grey and white so I added a filter and I now love it. That is why I have chosen it as my Sunday photo this week.

We have lots of photo's of D over the last 3 years and some of my favourites are in black and white or sepia. I don't know why but I just love black and white photographs. I am considering getting this picture blown up onto a canvas or even just a poster which I can frame.

I love that you can see so much detail in the photo, everything from the ripples in the water behind him to the depth in the clouds. It all stands out and adds to the photograph in their own ways.

Although the photograph is just that, a photograph there's so much movement involved. D's body movements, his foot slightly off the ground and his arm shapes show that he was walking while I took the picture. Just like the water and clouds.

I also like the layering of the photograph. It's not just one area included in the picture. You can see so much. D being the focal point of the photo followed by the bridge's architecture, the water behind him which is followed by another bridge not far behind the first. Looking even further back you can see the buildings below the clouds and even then you can see the layering in the clouds. There's just so much there in that one shot, that one moment. It all comes together beautifully in black and white.

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Friday, 6 May 2016

What I've Won April 2016

After my wins last month I was a bit worried I wouldn't win much in April. I put a good amount of effort into entering what I could but not losing out on blogging and family time. It can be hard to find a good balance without becoming too obsessed with just one aspect of  life and I think I may be finally finding that balance (for now).  Okay so back to what I actually won.

My first win of April was also my first ever Instagram win! I have been entering on Instagram for a few months now and was ecstatic when I won this lovely vase from @OneDotWorld on Instagram. It now has pride of place on our dining room table with my fairy statues inside.


I also won from Toppsta again. This time I won 'When I grow up...' which D loves and has loved since the moment he opened the parcel. Within one hour he had read it all on his own 5 times!


Another Instagram win was this Frozen swimming suit and bag which will most likely go to my niece. The swimming suit will be for her birthday which is coming up. I know she will love them. I won these from @character _uk.


Next up was another Instagram win (nothing for months then three in two weeks!) This one is from I haven't decided what I want to do with it yet but I had a sneaky peak when it arrived and I'm a little tempted to keep it.


I was a  runner up in one of the competitions I entered and the prize for runners up was a car air freshener which helps with hey fever. I don't drive but I think a friend could make use of it. There was a trial size pack of hey fever tablets which my sister is going to try. I won this one on twitter and it was a simple follow and retweet competition with @Bio_Kult.


I had another twitter win later the same day with Ultimate English . I won a box of  chocolate, sea salted fudge. It was incredible! I will be ordering more of their fudge and may even need to try them all. There isn't any left now but we all tried it.


My first Facebook win of the month was 2 fairytale books from little dish. I have been entering all their comps for as long as I can remember now and I was delighted to win. The books look fantastic and they are very interactive with lots of moving parts. They are perfect for young children.


Next up is my unicorn mug which I also won of Facebook. This one has the same effect on me as taking a kid into a sweet shop! I just love it. The colour changing is so cool. Plus it's a unicorn. I won this from 50 Fifty Gifts.

I was quite surprised when I found the email in my inbox about winning a Marvin Walnut Create by Lily Loray on The Room Alive. I am still waiting on this one arriving but I'm quite excited for it to come. I think it will go in the hall for storage once it has been decorated.

My final win was another one from Facebook. I won a bundle of Mallon's Sausages from their facebook. I'm waiting for this one to arrive too but we love their sausages so I know we will make great use of this prize.

That is a grand total of 10 which is still a great number for me. Now to try again at beating last months total of 12 in May.

Have you won anything this month?


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Review - Busy Bee Candles Magik Beans

I always write about the items in our life that relate to either us a whole family or items that D loves. I thought I would change it up a bit and write about something that I like. So I like Busy Bee Candles Magik Beans.Actually scrap that I love them!


I love smelly candles and sprays which was what prompted me to buy some Busy Bee Candles Magik Beans about a year ago. I stood in the shop for ages smelling each scent before I could make a decision as to what one I actually wanted. I am now a regular customer of that shop, I go in most weeks and always come out with either a new scent or  another tub of a favourite one. I had seen the Busy Bee Candles on Facebook before that and read into their melts and candles. I was intrigued by the fact that their products are made of soy wax. Which of course led me to have a look into all the differences of waxes used in candle making.

I found a pretty great amount of information on soy wax. Soy wax is completely natural and made from soya beans as opposed to paraffin wax which contains chemicals. Did you know that paraffin wax produces harmful  toxins or carcinogens when burned? The same types of harmful toxins and carcinogens in fact  that come from cars. I was a bit more than shocked at the discovery of this information. I have used candles for years and I'm sure many of us have. I have candles lit when D is in the room. I hadn't really thought about how harmful it could be.

Back to Busy Bee Candles Magik Beans, I pretty much fell in love with these wax melts the first time I tried them. They smell good inside the pots they come in and the smell is pretty strong. I do tend to look for stronger smells in candles as I can notice the smell for longer. Plus I have found that the Magic Beans retain their smell for much longer than other candles or melts I have used.


As you can imagine I have started to grow a collection of the melts which you see above. I have some favourite scents but I most enjoy having a wide variety to choose from depending on my mood.


I love having different smells throughout the day. One of my favourite smells is coffee which I enjoy in the morning. I'm a big fan of any coffee like smells and I love that Busy Bee Candles Magik Beans smells just like freshly brewed coffee. Another of my favourite smells is sun washed linen. Who doesn't look the smell of freshly washed clothes? It's just so fresh and clean!

I have used many wax melts before and I was quite surprised by how fast the Magik Beans melted and the strength of the smell. Within 2 minutes the wax melts have liquefied and are letting off the beautiful smells. What I love is that you can see the steam rising from the burner right away. You can actually see the liquid becoming a gas! (I couldn't catch that on the camera)

I love that they come in small beans. I always find that with other melts or tarts I never seen to break the wax in the perfect amounts or sizes. I don't have 5+ minutes to sit waiting for the wax to melt enough. The Magik Beans are perfect for having a small amount of wax and adding as much as you need. One of the Magik Beans doesn't raise the wax level too much so you can easily adjust or add to the burner. Which means you can top it up at any time you feel it may need a boost.

There you have it all my thoughts on Magik Beans by Busy Bee Candles. If like me you love having smelly candles around the house then you simply must try Busy Bee Candles Magic Beans. They are great value at £1.89 on their site which you can access by clicking on the link above.

Have you tried Busy Bee Candles before?

Let me know what you think below.


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