Sunday, 3 April 2016

#My Sunday Photo - Calm After The Storm

With Easter just over we have been busy this week but I love the photo's we got on Easter Monday and there are a particular two which I love. I have had a hard time the last few days deciding which one I really wanted to use this week and honestly I couldn't. They are both completely different. I choose to show you both.

[caption id="attachment_3909" align="alignnone" width="2560"]20160328_173739.jpg #MySundayPhoto - Calm After The Storm[/caption]
The above photo was easier to name and not really Easter themed so I choose to put it first. I am sure by now you have noticed I love taking pictures of the sky and living in a climate where rain is more than likely at any time of year or day I tend to notice the sky and clouds any time the rain isn't hitting my face. During Easter Monday we
attended a family Easter party and we where due to have a good deal of rain as storm Katie was rolling over Northern Ireland. We stayed inside because of the weather we where due however it was sunny the whole time we where there. The minute we left it was a different story and we got caught in a down pour which lasted a good part of 15 minutes. You could see the rain bouncing off the ground from the start. The photo above was taken minutes after the rain stopped. The difference is astounding. Dark dreary skies to the shade spectrum in the clouds was beautiful to watch and experience. Have you ever watched a storm roll past you?  It is something to behold. I love this whole picture, the barren lands contrasting the filled sky, the sun, the glimpses of blue sky and the clouds in various shades. This picture for me symbolises something my Gran used to say to me " Belfast is the only place where you can experience every season in one day". The variations in the clouds just remind me of all this saying, they show so many types of weather from sunny to rainstorm. I love it.

[caption id="attachment_3908" align="alignnone" width="1536"]img_20160328_190113.jpg #MySundayPhoto[/caption]
The other photo I loved from this week was also taken on Monday at the party. This one is of D. I don't know what it is that I really love about this one but I do. Obviously I love the photo because it is of D but I love everything about it, the lighting, the clearness of the image and the cuteness of his face paint. I just love it all and I think it has fast became one of my favourite photo's of him so I just had to share it with you all.

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  1. I love the patterns in the clouds. The face painted is just too cute.

    Thank you for linking up

  2. A perfect little Easter bunny and a lovely calm looking post storm photo

  3. Thank you Darren. I do love the clouds although I didn't see a pattern until you mentioned it.
    Thank you for hosting

  4. Thank you very much Coombe Mill. It's astonishing how fast a storm just disapears

  5. Both great photos but I love your little Easter Bunny :) #MySundayPhoto

  6. Lovely photos! Your Easter bunny is very cute x

  7. Thank you. I love him as a bunny too. That was the first time he allowed anyone to paint is face properly. Usually he just let's you paint it all one colour really quickly.

  8. Thank you. I do agree but I'm a bit biased

  9. I can see why you had a tough time choosing. Both so different but both lovely photos in their own ways. I would have put them both up too :) #MySundayPhoto

  10. That was exactly my dilemma with choosing one! I just couldn't choose one over the other in the view of them being just photos of polar opposites. Thank you for coming by :)

  11. Awww what cutie Easter bunny. Both are beautiful photos. :)

  12. I can see why you chose both photos! The first one is just so moody and the second is so bright! Opposite and both pretty! #mysundayphoto

  13. Thank you Merlinda. Yes they are aren't they. I like the contrast of the two when they are put together in the post which I wasn't expecting when I wrote it. Thank you for popping by


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