Wednesday, 9 March 2016

D at 3

Last Friday D turned 3 years old. I can't quite believe it even now. It has been three years since D was born and it feels more like 3 minutes. He has grown and changed quite a bit in the last few months but first I want to tell you about his birthday itself.

For D's first and second birthday's we had a party. The first I spent hours upon hours making cupcakes and a birthday cake and getting everything ready for it. We had been expecting around 30 people to come maybe a few more. Obviously I then had to make sure we had enough of everything for those attending. In the end around 15 people showed up and a few only stayed for a little while. I ended up with so much food left over I didn't know what to do with it! For his second birthday we spent the day together and had a small party with just my family that evening (we had visited Simon's family the day before). That one actually went okay and everyone had fun. The only problem is that I don't speak to many people in my family now and those I do speak to live in England, a whole ocean away.

D's Birthday Cake

So this year Me and Simon sat down trying to figure out what to do. In the end we decided to take D out to one of his favourite places and spend the day just us. We took a trip to the Ulster Museum in Belfast to see everything and to take part in a few more of the activities than we had last time.

I must say D was very excited about going and I knew the minute we left the house that we had made the right decision. D practically ran the whole way and refused to stop for longer than a minute or two! He was so excited to get there and to see everything to do with dinosaurs! Now there are a few good exhibits which relate to dinosaurs or other animals but they where pretty spaced out.


We kept D occupied by completing all the little activity areas in the museum and I think D was most impressed by the art section where he played with the light table and coloured blocks.


He also loved playing dress up in all the clothing they had out from times through history. They even had a big screen with frames cut out where D and Simon took great pleasure in dressing up for pictures.


Especially Simon, He didn't even need D to be with him!

He liked the nature area too where he learned all about animals.

All round we had a great day and we where all tired out by the time we got home!

Now onto his development. D's speech is still growing as well as his understanding of what the words actually mean to everyone else. For a while he did seem to have his own personal system for the meaning of words and no one else knew it. Can make having a conversation difficult. D is starting to speak in full sentences now and doesn't seem to have any difficulty in telling us how is feeling or what he is doing. He has developed a few new phrases which he will repeat like a mantra in any given situation. Today we where walking home and he kept telling me 'I do my best, forget the rest!' (This is from the delightful programme Shimmer and Shine on Nick Jr. Thanks for that Nick Jr!) I do love that it is positive however when you hear this at least 10 times a day and mainly hear it for no other reason than that D wants to say it. It can become a bit annoying.

D is still very interested in reading and can read every single book we own for read with me scout and for his Leap frog reader from memory. I will need to get some new books and try to help him along with some more reading. However he does seem to be recognising more words on the page. While we are reading during the day he will sometimes say the words he knows while I am reading. He is also getting pretty good at spelling. You know how there are some words that you do not under any circumstances want your child to hear due to what these words can entail after they are uttered? Yep those words. Not words that are essentially bad but they do seem to create quite the kick up. D can spell most of those words now. Words like Bath, Train, Bed, Bum, and there are a few more. D will catch on pretty quickly to a word that we don't want him to spell! It does make life a little harder when you are trying to talk in code to each other. Guess we need a new code! Any ideas?

D is also becoming very interested in what is happening around him and will constantly be asking what we are doing or where we are going. He likes to know where the bus is taking us and how long the bus will take to get there. It can be pretty hard to explain that I don't know how long it takes the bus to get there. He has started to really understand how traffic lights work. Which is pretty good. He has known how to use the lights to cross for a good bit now but he never really understood why cars and buses have to stop at the lights. He now knows to look for the lights and counts how long it takes them to change. They do seem to take a little while longer than the number D can count to which is currently 17 (I know such a strange number! ) which means we usually have to start again and D forgets that it takes twice the amount of counting.

D is starting to like colouring and drawing. He wasn't ever really all that interested in drawing pictures or when he was they had to involve more than paper and a crayon. He can hold a pencil/ crayon/ pen in the way we are taught to at school and will know how to move it around the page with a varying force to create different impressions and a different colour. He enjoys drawing circles and lines but hasn't got to the part where they make different shapes by joining up. He does love colouring in and has done for a while. He can now make the colours go in different areas (not all inside the lines but almost!) and is not so interested in making the whole page one colour. He doesn't like just colouring on a blank page, it has to have a picture on it. He has been learning about how different papers need different crayons, pencils, pens or paint to show the colours up properly and he has been enjoying it so far.

All in all D is coming along pretty well and he is very interested in the world around him. He will point out things to us that we probably wouldn't have noticed on our way to places. He still insists on calling all the adults around him Big people and will now openly call them big people. This can get particularly embarrassing when D is talking to people who are of a bigger body size. I then have to explain to people that no he is not trying to call them fat, he is simply telling them that they are tall compared to him! Not sure why they seem to think he is calling them as to be fair I am of a bigger body size myself!


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