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Review - Websters Pages Colour Crush Planner

So as I am sure you can tell I am more than a bit behind and I had actually planned to write this back in January but I just didn't have the motivation to write. I don't suppose it really helped that I just couldn't seem to find the words I wanted to use. I knew them roughly but it just didn't sound right and flow properly when I read them back.

Back at the start of the year I much the same as everyone else was thinking about how to go about getting myself a bit more organised. I knew that I needed to spend a bit of in searching for the right way for me to keep both my life and all my blogging plans together in one place. This involved more than simply going out and finding a good diary which I could use, one for blogging and one for family/ daily life.  I tried this last year using a diary and a notebook which in theory would keep me organised and should have kept me up to date with everything. The only problem was that I could never remember to take both out with me and when I was at home I found that I lost them quite a bit. Which is never a good thing for getting organised.

This year I decided what I really needed was to get a good organiser / planner which would not only need to have lots of space for me to write everything in but would need to be easy to navigate through and be able to have extra pages added if I needed them. After a good deal of searching I finally found one that ticked every one of my boxes and more.



The organiser I found is This beautiful leather bound Colour Crush Planner from Webster's Pages. Webster's Pages is an American brand that was established in 1986. They specialise in products that involve paper (Who would have guessed?), particularly dairies/ organisers and scrapbooks. The company is owned by a brother and sister who want to provide high quality products that are not only practical but beautiful too.


I personally think they have found the perfect balance with the Colour Crush Planner.It's simple but still quite pretty at the same time on the outside. You can tell from the minute you open the box that the planner comes in that it is a great quality right down to the WP embossed on the spine. The planner is a binder which has a great little pocket on the front inside page with areas for you to keep cards in and a small pocket where you can slide something in. This also doubles as another pocket itself where I tend to keep my little stickers which came too. You can see this in the picture below.


Opening the Planner you are greeted with a lovely inspirational quote printed on vellum and a coloured backing page which gives a very colourful and bright looking effect.  What is even better is that they have a whole range of them which you can pick from. What could be better than an planner you can customise just for you?


Customisation is such a great aspect to have built into something you plan to use daily. The customisation doesn't stop there. Every single little aspect of this organiser is customisable. you can buy plenty of attachments, extra pages, inspirational and practical packages of pages which have a range of uses. Not only are the pages practical in their own way but they also come beautifully decorated and separated into sections.


The sections in my organiser are Write it down which is 8 double sided pages that each contain sections for writing your thoughts, ideas and dreams.


The dreams section continues onto the back. I personally find this section perfect for quickly jotting down any of blog post ideas or things I need to remember that will pop into my head throughout the day. This package comes with a lovely flowery divider that has clear writing for easy finding.


The next section is called memory keeping and it again comes with it's own beautiful divider  which you can see above.


This section contains 12 pages that again are double sided. I think this section might be my favourite. The front of each page is called 'A Day In The Life' it contains 31 lines and each is labelled with a corresponding 'day' then a number from 1 to 31 for each day in any given month. you can write down something good that has happened each day and then on a bad day you can look back through the memories. On the back of each pages is section for any quick sketches you may want to do. You can use it to doodle in if you are anything like me! Just below is a section called {    } said this! where there is space for you to write down anything you want to remember someone saying. finally on this page is another section called 'Remember This' and has room to write the date in as well as anything you need to remember.


Another essential section for me is next. This one is called 'Lists To Love' and boy do I love them! The divider for this one is again above.


Inside 'Lists To Love' you will find every kind of list you will need for everyday life. First up on the page 'to dos' which contains lines for you to write down everything you need to do as well as handy little tick boxes for after each task is complete. In the middle of the page is a loved little framed section which is for you 'Monthly Goals'. At the bottom of this box is  every month ready for you to circle. At the bottom of the page is a section called Plan & Do!'. here you will find 10 lines that are each numbered with a due date area and again tick boxes. On the back of the page is a Menu planner which is all set out ready for you to plan meals for every day of the week. I love that it is set out in a way that you can choose if you want to plan breakfast, lunch and dinner or simply plan dinners for the next month. The last little section on the page is a 'Shopping List'. Always an essential one when it comes to lists! 'Lists to Love' contains 8 pages.


Another section I really like is 'Staying Inspired' which is next in my planner. The divider for this one is pretty roses and raspberries as you can see above.

Inside you will find 8 very pretty pages. There are two of each design in mine and they are a large range of different designs and two contain lovely inspirational quotes.  For me I think 'Staying Inspired' appeals to both the blogger and the comper inside. When I had been searching for my perfect planner I never really considered looking for somewhere in them to put down anything I may need to remember or do for comping and I was delighted to see that although I hadn't been looking for it, there was still somewhere in the planner to incorporate my hobby in too! The pages from 'Staying Inspired' are above.

Finally we have come to the actual calender! This as always is an essential for a planner and you'd be pretty lost without it. There is again a beautiful divider for this part too. (Pictured above) This calender starts from October last year which is fine. Each month is contained in a two page layout that has it's own divider and cover page. The opposite side of the 2nd page contains a space for 'This and That' which is again numbered from day 1 to day 31 for any notes or memories you want to remember. I use this part of the planner for all our family needs and birthday reminders. You can see this page in the picture below.


The final Section of my planner is a 15 month weekly planner that gives you two pages per week.


This part is perfect for me to use to plan any blogging posts or to organise some of my weekly competitions that I tend to forget. This is probably my most used section as I do tend to go to it every day for one reason or another.


There is also a removable book mark that clicks into the binder for easy access.


The planner contains many more little bits that are very handy such as the little pocket to store any notes you have wrote down using the notepad provided in the very back pocket of the binder. This pocket also has space to slide in anything you might need to keep with you. I tend to keep any documents I might need for an appointment in there just so I won't forget them. The final little touch is a small loop of elastic for keeping a pen in.

I must say I have never found any planner quite like this and I really love the fact that next year I won't need to buy another. I will be able to completely change the planner come January next year by simply buying different refill packs of each section which is perfect.

This is a fantastic planner and I would recommend this for anyone out there who needs some organisation but would also like to build it around everything they need. You can purchase the planner already made up for you too if you don't want to order each section. They come in a variety of beautiful colours and designs.

You can purchase the Colour Crush planner from many online stores in the UK and worldwide. The prices do vary from each retailer and the planners will all be different prices depending on what you add to the planners. Here is a link where you can buy my Colour Crush Planner (well almost the same) for £34.50.


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