Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Letters to D - Your almost 3!

Dear D,

Your only going to be two for another 10 days! How did that happen? You so grown up now. I still remember 3 years ago sitting on the phone talking to granny about when your pram suit would show up in the post ready for you being born. It has certainly been a whirl wind three years. You have learnt so many things and got so big during that time.


It is so hard to believe you where small enough to fit into to that teeny tiny top and now your wearing clothes two to three times the size!


You are now just over half as tall as me! You are going to be taller than me one day and I will look back on the times you would fit into daddies forearm.

You are bright little toddler with a fantastic view of the world. It is amazing the way you see everyone you meet. I would love to see the world through your eyes and to understand what you think about in a day. It would certainly be an interesting perspective.

You love to brighten up little old ladies days simply by being your bubbly little self. Any time we get on the bus you find the nearest person to you who will talk to you. Once you have got their attention you have to make that person smile or laugh the whole journey! I cannot wait to see what you will be like on a plane this summer. That will be a joyous trip I am sure. (I will tell you all about it after!)


One of your new favourite things to do is to read the newspaper while you drink your 'coffee' (baby-chino) with me and daddy. Just look at how much concentration it takes.

Every day we are making new memories and honestly I love waking up every morning and thinking about what memories we are going to make.

I look forward to many, many more every day of the future.

Lots of love,



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