Sunday, 10 January 2016

We're Back!

Well guys the festive season has well and truely finished! There was so much going on in December with my post not publishing and with a lot of them going missing altogether. There was a particular post which I must have wrote out 4 - 5 times trying to remember what I had wrote before I hit publish. However things do seem to be back to normal now and I do think it is time I get bak to writing! I do hope you all very much enjoyed your Christmas and New Year celebrations. Although I had planned to blog right up to Christmas my plans changed along the way and as a result we had a delightful December free of stress and with lots more family time than I had really hoped for. Our Christmas was a first of it's kind for us D was really excited this year in the run up to Christmas as he really understood a lot more about what was going on and who 'Santa' is. Our Christmas was spent just us three all together with a very relaxing day discovering all those wonderful gifts we got and how they work. After which our Christmas Dinner turned out perfectly and we all enjoyed a good family film to finish the day. There was no leaving the house to visit family. There was definatly no arguements what so ever and there certainly wasn't any shouting. There was simply happiness in our house on Christmas day and I must say I think that happiness has resided with us still through the holidays and the New Year.

We did have a very busy week inbetween when usually people relax! We got busy sorting through every room in the house again and it was time to re arrange D's room which had been the home of bunk beds and is now the home of D's beautiful white wodden bed which he loves! We did manage to find a home for all those new toys and even had everything sorted out by New Years Eve. Which fell on a Thursday and if you regularly read our little blog then you will know that Thursday is our family visits day and we did only manage to get to Nannies on New Years eve as it was quite late when we left and we needed to get home early before the whole city became the chaos of New Years Eve celebrating! We all spent New Years Eve at home and though he tried D was asleep by half an hour after his bed time. On New Years Day we took a lovely long walk and we all had some coffee where D had his first babychino which he say's is "DELICIOUS! MMM M MMM!".

This past week we have been staying active by going out and doing shopping alonmg with long walks and visiting family. We have all been having a lovely week after the madness that decends us all during the last month of the year. We have all been enjoying the company of each otheras we get stuck head fast into 2016.

So guys how have you been? I must wish youall a very Happy New Year and I hope that whatever you have been dealing with in 2015 that 2016 will be a better year for us all.


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