Saturday, 5 December 2015

Our Adventures This Week

It has been a long busy week and although I haven't achieved everything I would like to I am starting to get there and to get on top of things again. With dark and dreary days being the theme of December so far I do think that we are all starting to feel the effects of it all.

We spent the Sunday doing lots of crafty bits and pieces together, even Daddy joined in and get busy with helping to make lots of Christmas Crafts. We all really enjoyed getting busy and adding more things to our christmas decorations. We did spend ost of the day doing different crafty Christmas items as I wanted to make sure that we are spending quality time together as a family this Decemeber. It is such a busy month and we all seem to just keep going.

Monday we had a good bit of sorting to still do and I spent most of the day sorting through various rooms to see what we still didn't need. There  wasn't all that much but once I start I an't seem to stop until the whole house has been organised properly. OCD much? Once I had got through the whole house it was starting to get towards diner time.So it was time for everyone to sit at the table and make dinner together. Before we watched a film and went to bed.

By Tuesday we had the whole house sorted out and D had lots of activities that where going to keep him happy. Myself and Simon where trying to get other things done throughout the day so for a few hours each we had one on one time with D. During this time I attempted the madness called the advent competitions. I kind of wish I had never started them now but hey ho I will get there.. eventually.

Wednesday we went for a long walk around to spot everything changing in winter and to see what is happening all around us as Christmas is fast approaching. After our walk we got busy getting D a bath and making some morehand and footprints for Simon's family. I spent the evening doing things on my phone before it was time to watch our nightly movie together.

We did get out to visit Granda, Nanny and D's Aunts and Uncles this week. D got so very very excited when we got on the bus to granda's this was the first week in the last month that we have been able to go to granda's. But we do only have the next two weeks of visiting before it isChristmas eve and I do not want to be going across the city on Christmas eve to see Granda and Nanny. After we got home from visiting everyone we set about getting D sorted out for bed as the visiting does take all day.

Yesturday We got busy baking! You will have to wait to see what we made on Wednesday next week. Today we are planning on getting crafty again and hope to have a few thing we can share with you too!

How has your week been?

P.S. Do come back later today as I will be putting up another post to try to catch up.


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