Saturday, 5 December 2015

D at 33 Months

I can't believe how fast those three months went by! I don't quite know what is happening with all the time in the days. There is so much to tell you about with D and his development so I will start with his speech

These last 3 months D has learnt alot of new words and he can now count in actual woreds up to 11. He doesn't seem to like th number 7 though as I know he can say 7 and he knows where it goes but he doesn't like to say it. He has also decided that he wants to be a little smarty pants and is teaching himself spanish by insisting on watch Dora The Explorer daily and then copying all of the spanish words then telling me them in english! I must admit I couldn't tell you if he is getting them right or not as I can't speak spanish!

D has developed a love of imaginary play the last 3 months he has loved hiding out under the table creating wonderful worlds with all of his toys and playing out books or TV shows that he remembers. He is getting a great imagination and I think he loves monsters! He is always telling about his monsters.

D is starting to show a great interest in learning to read. He will sit down and try to read a book to himself by sounding out some of

the letters on the page. He is getting quite frustrated with the fact that it doesn't sound the same when he is doing it as when myself or Simon read to him. I have been spending time during the day sitting with D to help him start to recognise words written down a page by sounding out the letters inside the word and I am a bit surprised that D already know a few general small words.

D Is always going to be a kind person which I am very proud of him for. He will make sure that everyone is happy around him even if he has to make them smile. You just can't help but smile with him around.  He is always looking around or asking for money so he can give it to all the people we see while out who need some money. He has even gave one lady the last of his chocolate bar before because I didn't have any spare change and she was asking for money for food. Iam ot sure that was what she had in mind but she was more than greatful for the small bar of chocolate which was half eaten. It may not be much but I am more than proud of D for thinking of the needy people around him at 2 years old! I hope this is something which D will always have. It is a great trait to have as a grown up.

I think D is growing and learning at a rate that is perfect for him. I wonder what will have changed in 3 months from now when D turns 3?


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