Saturday, 14 November 2015

Our Adventures This Week

This week has been a bit hard to get online we have had a lot going on and with that there has been a lot of events that we have had to make a decision on. I apologise for not posting the last few days. I have barely online this week and when I have it has not been long enough to write a post I am happy with. I honestly feel like I have not stopped at all.

I have also made the decision to stop writing about Uncle L. The reason behind this is mainly that he doesn't want to participate in many of the crafts, cooking, baking or photographs that are for the blog. This has made it incredibly difficult to create posts to put up when there are some posts that will have a high impact from Uncle L being there and changes that will show this. We do have one final post on Monday that will include Uncle L as this decision was made after we had completed the activity but I would still like to share it with you.

This week really started on Sunday when myself, Uncle L and D sat down at the table and got to making a few art's and craft's activities that we are sharing with you on Monday but if you would like to do a bit of art's and craft's you can check out our post on Christmas Wrapping Paper and Hand-print Wreaths for 2 great Ideas which you can make with young and older children. Our art activity did take around 3-4 hours and I was rather surprised by D's interest in staying and completing the task. This is the longest D has stayed interested in anything so we where pretty shocked at that! We did complete 3 activities so do come back to see what we have been doing.

We ended up going out on Monday morning into town where we had a few things we needed to pick up. We ended up spending a good amount of hours in town and by the time we got home there was enough time to have dinner a little later than normal before myself and D got some nursery rhyme singing in. D can now sing row row row your boat and gets pretty excited about it! You can see the video below ( Our first ever video!) We then got baths and it was bedtime!

This Tuesday was our shopping day as normal. We ended up all going shopping and spent most of the day completing that. Once we had all of the shopping done and put away in the house it was finally time to take a trip down to the charity shop to drop in a selection of D's toys that I had already put away over the last few weeks. D is so incredibly kind and after I had told him that his toys where going to a shop where other boys and girls who might not have many toys can come and get them so they can play with some toys too. D wasn't incredibly happy that we where giving his toys away but after I had explained why he didn't need them anymore and somebody else might. He was okay to give them to other little boys and girls.

I had to spend most of the day at the doctors on Wednesday with Uncle L while we waited for his emergency appointment. This took almost 3 hours and after we eventually finished and had some lunch we ended up taking a short walk around a few of the local shops near the doctors before heading home. Once we where home we had time to make a meal together before we got ready for bedtime.

Thursday we did go on our normal family visit with the only difference being we did only visit Nanny as Granda was attending a family wedding. We left earlier than normal due to the darker nights and the fact that we do walk most places. It was a day of dreary weather and it did rain a pretty good amount. We did have a few things I needed to pick up on the way.

Yesterday we had a meeting that lasted much much longer than I had expected and I do think that put us back for the day a good bit. We ended up having a late dinner and spending time together playing games and doing activity books/ magazines together. D is one very smart cookie! He can hold a crayon like we do a pencil and he can follow the dots on paper. He has also got to grips with the number 4 now! Yay!!

The plan for the rest of the day is to get our Christmas decorations up so it is going to be the start of an exciting run up to Christmas for us from now on.

How was your week?


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