Saturday, 7 November 2015

Our Adventures This Week #37

This week has been a little bit strange for everyone and no one can really understand why. I honestly don't know where the last week has gone!

We had a pretty good Halloween. We got dressed up and off we went into town for the annual Belfast City Council Monster Mash. We did go to this 2 years ago and it was pretty good, everyone enjoyed it and the fireworks where lovely to watch. Once we got there we had a little walk around which resulted in us deciding that there was nothing for us to do. There where plenty of amusement rides for children to go on. D is too young to use these and Uncle L had no interest in going on one. So we set off in search of the crafting tent they had before, last time they had around 4-6 of these tents along with 4-6 of the face painting tents. This year they had 4 face painting tents which D is to young to use and he already had his face painted as he was a Vampire. The tent (yes one tent, although it was about the size of 3 of the other tents) with the craft activity had a line that never seemed to end! We had a look at how long the wait would be and in the end decided that D wouldn't stay still long enough to wait. I am actually glad we came to that decision as after we went and got a light up toy from the other side of the area and came back we heard a lady being told they had no materials left and where closing the tent! This was around half way through the 3 hour event.

D at The Monster Mash

Instead we decided to have a walk around and see some of the fantastic characters and performers that where there. Some where pretty amazing with glass balls and fire dancing! Once we had seen them all however I did find that we had a LOT of time left before the fireworks display.That time was spent standing near the stage where they had a live band playing and mostly talking to each other. D was happy to play with his light toy but it was a pretty cold night to just sit there and wait for over an hour. We took some picture's while we waited.


The fireworks where very much so worth the wait but other than the display I do feel the whole event was just disappointing on many levels and we will not be attending next year.

The rest of the week has become a bit of a blur really. Simon has started a new medication and as we have been having a large effect on his sleeping pattern. He is sleep quite a lot and I am sure that it is unrelated but everyone else seems to be sleeping a lot more too. I do think we are all being slightly effected by the change in daytime length. Even D has been sleeping for longer periods of time and seems to be tired a bit more often too.

With Uncle L being back at school this week there wasn't a lot of going out that we had to do. We have been taking some daily walks to somewhere close and back every day to try and keep everyone in a bit of routine. We didn't even manage to do our normal Thursday family visits as everyone slept in apart from Uncle L who got up early for school, even D slept in until after 2 pm and I honestly don't know why we have all been so tired. I do feel much better today though so I am hoping that this has rectified itself now. Here is D and Simon just before one of our walks.

Simon and D

Most of the evening this week we have spent together doing various different activities such as art's and craft's, watching Christmas movies (It's never too early) baking and cooking together. So we have been trying to make the most of the time that we have spent together by doing as much as we can.

How has your week been?


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