Sunday, 29 November 2015

Our Adventure's This Week

A lot has happened this week that has changed everything we do and I think we are finally getting caught up with ourselves. I appoligise for posting late but do come back as we will be catching up with all our posts this week.

This week the adventure's really started on Monday with two very big events. The first being that Uncle L moved out. He is now living with a different family member. I won't go into to detail about that but it was for the best of everyone involved.

On the same day it was mine and Simon's anniversery of the day we first got together 7 years ago. It was a lovely evening for the both of us with a late dinner after D had gone to be and some time spent together just relaxing and wathing TV together.

Tuesday came around and it was time to do our fortnightly shop and I must say this time it was much more enjoyable as we started with our Christmas extras this time. We do leave our actual Christmas dinner shopping to the week of Christmas.

Wednesday was the really long day where we started our Christmas clear out in real effort. We have spent every evening slowly getting through the house and although there was still more to be done we are almost there now.

On Thursday we didn't get visiting any family members but instead we went for a walk and picked up a few christmas presents for family members who are hard to make anything for.

On both Friday and Saturday I got busy with D keeping him busy with lots of craft activities which are coming up soon. I hope you all had a good week too.


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