Wednesday, 4 November 2015

One Challenge down.. Now for Another!

I had planned on writing this post a bit sooner but I must say I am glad I am now getting this one up. If you have been reading for a while you will know that I set myself a challenge last month. If your new around here then you can check out what I am talking about by clicking on the link.

I am very happy to say that I completed my challenge and honestly I feel pretty proud that I have went from writing 3 posts a week to writing 31 posts! I must say I rather enjoyed writing every post and was very excited to host our first competition. I do hope we will have more coming up soon.

I thought writing the posts would get harder as the days went on but that didn't happen. I feel like I have really found my own writing style now. I have putting less and less time into reading other blogger posts for the purpose of seeing how they do certain posts. I am still reading all the blogs though as I enjoy reading many blogs. I have been putting more time aside at night to really sit down and write a good post. (Well all except last night, I was rather busy!) I have been putting a lot of effort in to make any of our posts better which may involve different subjects, More pictures, Less pictures on some and writing in more detail.

Now when I sit down to write it all just flows out into the keys as I type. I barely stop to think about what I am writing until I have finished and even then I do make a few tweaks which for me is a great improvement. I have found that I am getting more involved with everything on the blog now that I am on it a lot more. I was still on the blog daily before but it was only a few times a day in small periods. I never spent an hour or two just looking around the pages and seeing what I could do to make that better for you. I am sorry about that but this is all a giant learning curve for me. I have been doing a lot of research on how to do certain aspects of things I would like to change. I love that I want to make the blog a better place for all my hard work, because it is hard work that goes into every single post I write.

I do plan on keeping up the daily posts for November but as of yet I have not decided if December would be too busy for us to post every day. If that is the case it would be every other day that a post would go up but I am going to try my best to make one for everyday! I have also set myself another challenge this month! ( I really think I am crazy!) This month I plan on changing and improving the blog. I am going to spend the extra time I have on the blog tweaking pages, changing pages, adding some pages, removing some among many other things. If you are subscribed you will know that I have already started this and I apologise if you received a few emails or notifications last night/ this morning. I was trying to change a few old posts that where in need of an update now that I use a laptop to blog and not on my phone. ( I am going to research how to prevent this before I do any more)

Do feel free to have a look around and see what may have already changed. I also plan on  creating a page of all the blogs that I love to read and why I love to read them. I have a few ideas of what I would like to do but I really wants to make the blog

  1. Some where on the big wide web that represents us as family.

  2. A place that you all enjoy coming to read and spend time on the blog.

  3. A hub of easy to find information.

For me to be able to achieve number 2 I will need your help as although I may be slightly crazy, I am not a mind reader. So I wanted to ask you all what you would like to see on the blog? It can be a new series of posts you would like me to try, a new page for something you would like to find easier, More Pictures or anything you would like to maybe see on the blog! If you have a minute I really would love your feedback so I can try to improve our little corner of the web. Just pop a comment below and let me know what you would like me to try to implement to make your reading experience better!

Now wish me luck! I think this one might be more stressful than one post a day!


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