Saturday, 31 October 2015

Our Adventures This Week #36

Sorry that we are posting late today, I was super busy yesterday with getting everything ready for today! We have had a really busy week this week! We have been trying to do so much Halloween related activities to keep D and Uncle L busy during the half term week.

We started our week on Monday with a good deal of baking our Pumpkin Pie and getting crafty with our Spider Trick Or Treat Bags. If you missed our posts on how to do them you can click on the links.You can also find out how to make the Halloween skittles. The boys really enjoyed doing these and where quite proud of the outcome!

This week was shopping week and we spent most of Tuesday doing our shopping trip. Before we spent the afternoon getting the house organised and tidied. We all made some dinner and got sorted for bed. I spent the evening making D this Superhero Cape, You can make one yourself if you like just check out the post by clicking on the link to find out how!


On Wednesday we got everyone up a bit earlier than normal and off we went to discover science at W5 in Belfast where we found out all about many different aspects of science. They had a haunted house but I must say for somewhere that is recommended for ages 0 - 16 the Halloween haunted house was pretty scary! We will be sharing the rest of the day with you next week so do remember to come back. Here are some pictures of the haunted house which neither D or Uncle L liked. I spent the evening after we got home making one of my favourite recipes, Pumpkin Soup which you can also make yourself by clicking the link.

Thursday we did our usual family visits trip and we did get around to seeing everyone yesterday! We didn't stay at nannies this week though as Daddy wasn't feeling well but I think we did pretty well finally getting around everyone and they where all in too.

Yesterday we got to making some pumpkin pancakes from the rest of our pumpkin. They where quite nice so I must make them again. We also got everyone their costumes ready for today and had a good tidy up again to make sure everything is away. This was more for me than anyone else as I don't really have too much times today to keep tiding up all over the house while helping everyone get dressed!

I do plan on putting up a short post later tonight or tomorrow of how our Halloween went too. What are your plans for today?

Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween @UsTwoPlusYou


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