Monday, 5 October 2015

Our Adventures This Week # 32

This last week has been all GO, GO, GO with quite a bit going on.

We started the week on Sunday with a very big day for Belfast! Belfast held the world's first Baby Day! I must say we had a hard time deciding if we should go and participate with the event as D is obviously not a baby but with quite a bit of research we decided there was more than enough for D to do and enjoy. I am more than pleased we did though as we had a wonderful day and D had lots of fun. The event is really all about children aged 0 - 3 years old and promotes so many practises for these ages and even had somethings for the whole family to participate in!

We even got invited in to join in with their baby massage class which is for 0-1 but they thought we would benefit from watching and just trying this with D. Although we didn't choose to do this I love that they made us feel welcome even though D was too old, I felt we would just disrupt things for the babies who where involved with a toddler around.

We did however go to the MAC (Yes we love this place!) where D participated in using some very high tech equipment to experiment with sounds and music. This was such a wonderful opportunity and one which D loved! Daddy didn't love this one as much as he had to go up in the lift (A big no, no for him but he did it!) Even if it took a while for us to move on and be okay to participate again. I am still very proud of him!

Here is D playing with a sound board.

Playing with a soundboard

And a keyboard

Playing on a keyboard!

We also spent a while in Eason's where they where having a wonderful lady read stories and D loved reading Alien's Love Underpants and I think this is now on our to get book list! We all loved watching and D participated in helping hang the underpants on the line and playing with the other children while the story was read.

We moved back to the main event where we went to the 'Market Hall' which was more for mummies and daddies than kids but D enjoyed playing with any toys he could find! He even got many compliments on his skills from childcare providers who had lots of toys, with one telling me he is so advanced in his shapes, colours, recognition and even that his counting is going well.  ( I was worried about this one!) She was quite taken back by D just getting on with it and knowing what he was doing!

We then went back outside where D had lots of fun playing in one of the sensory tents outside, so much fun it was a struggle to get him to leave but he did love touching and playing around in this winter themed tent.

 feeling a tree! wpid-20150927_153727.jpg

After we eventually got D to leave we participated in a family drum circle which went well for us but we had to leave as D lost interest and another family had a pretty bad experience with the lady running it snapping at her 2 year old like an adult! I do think this was a slight black dot on the day but we where ready to leave by this time and it was almost over.

All in all we had a great day and we would defiantly recommend this if you see one near you!

On Monday we didn't do much but I did decide I needed to give making some pj's a go on the sewing machine so I spent any time I could get a minute doing that ( We will be posting about these soon too!)

Well Tuesday was shopping day and now that we have a smooth ride I have found we are getting faster and better at the shopping without any tantrums. We had a lot of fun this time, no matter how utterly nuts we looked to other shoppers!

Wednesday we again went to those shops we lose so much time in. ( I just like to look!) We had some lovely time as a family and even got to relax for a bit during the coffee break!

On Thursday we did have to skip out on our weekly family visits as Daddy was really sick. So we spent the day watching TV, playing and laughing! However Thursday night did not go so well. D wasn't having a good night and was waking every 40 minutes or so. Which resulted in me getting NO sleep until the Friday morning/afternoon when I got a nap. But that made us unable to do anything on Friday!

We made up for it on Saturday though! It was Daddies day to do what he likes so Myself, D and Uncle L Baked some yummy treats and we did a lot of Crafting! Which will all be coming soon! So you must remember to come back. Now I am filled with the flu!

How has your week been?


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