Saturday, 17 October 2015

Our Adventures This Week #34

Well this week has been a real whirl wind! I feel like I haven't stopped unless I was asleep. Daddy was still a bit sick for some of this week and D did have a little wobble with being sick again on Tuesday night and Wednesday Morning but he was fine straight after and it never phased him in the least.

Our week did get off to a bad start with a meeting at Uncle L's school for him getting suspended, He then managed to get suspended at that meeting which caused him to be grounded to his room which means he was not allowed to participate in any of our fun activities this week. After the meeting we had some clothes shopping to do, I love clothes shopping and it doesn't have to be for me, I just love going out and looking at everything in the shops. D got a lovely top and jeans from Primark. The jeans cost £6 and his top was £1.80. D loves to pick his clothes out and even has a very big opinion on what I wear too. He must think my clothes will embarrass him even now! (Not sure why.) We all managed to get everything we needed and headed home for a family dinner before we all got ready for bed.

D's New clothes

We spent Tuesday doing more shopping, this time it was our food shopping. As Daddy as sick and Uncle L was grounded to his room Me and D did this shop on our own. I was pretty nervous at the start as D can be either good or very bad during our food shopping and doing it alone on a very bad day can be incredibly hard and tiring. Luckily D was very good as he has been the last few weeks and helped me put everything into the trolley. He even held the bags for me while I picked them out and packed them. Once we finished the food shopping and had it all put away at home we took a walk up to get a few more bits and pieces, this time it was a bit of the Christmas presents. We have been saving up recently and I didn't have any appointments planned this week so we took advantage of the still okay weather to do as much as possible. After we got back home we got set on making some Stuffed Peppers which you can read about by clicking the link if you missed it. (Uncle L didn't want to help as he does not like these.)

I managed to get up a bit early on Wednesday which allowed me to have about an hour or two to myself before I had to get D up again after the 'sick' incident and after a while sorted D to finally finish our food shopping and get D's Halloween costume. We took a trip to ASDA and got the remaining few things we weren't able to get the day before. We also picked up some pumpkins. After dinner we carved some pumpkins and decorated the house for Halloween.

Thursday came in no time at all which brought with it our weekly trip to visit the family. We managed to go see Granda and Nanny. We weren't able to see Granny this week as we ended up running quite late and just didn't have time. Nanny had lost her dog this week as it ran out the front door earlier in the day so we ended up waiting a while as they had been out looking for it. As of yet we don't know if the dog has been found so we are hoping it will be soon.

Yesterday we spent the morning and most of the afternoon at St George's Market in Belfast. We love going down every couple of weeks and we even know a couple of the stall owners. It has such a great atmosphere and many lovely people who create and sell wonderful items. We didn't get home until nearly dinner time yesterday and after dinner I set about sorting out D's toys. He has so many that he never plays with anymore but always seems to start to use them as I decide it is time to get rid of them all. I got all of the downstairs toys in a big pile (Seriously it was huge!)  before I set about sorting it into a box (for the toys waiting to go ) and the still very played with toys. I managed to get a pretty big box along with D's ride on train put away in a cupboard to see if he will notice over the next week or two. If not these will all be making their way to a charity shop for other children.

I plan on tackling the bedroom toy box today so I can get it all done in one go and I may possibly be able to do a very quick run through just before Christmas!

How has your week been? Have you done anything exciting? Let us know in the comments we always love to hear about you to.

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