Saturday, 10 October 2015

Our Adventures This Week #33

Well this week started out with us me being sick with the flu and later that day D got sick too! Not the best start to the week. We all ended up sick for most of the week and had a hard time doing anything other than lying in the living room/ bedrooms watching tv, sleeping and D was playing with some toys as he started to feel better.

It was Wednesday before we got up to going anywhere. When we finally left the house Uncle L and Daddy went to the doctors and myself and D went to the shop. not very long trips but we did need to get out! We also played a little family game of Monopoly which we shared with you on Thursday. Missed it? See it here in our Me & Mine post.

Daddy got worse on Thursday and stayed home while Uncle L went back to school and I took D and Uncle L (once he got home) to the doctors again to put some forms in. We went and I enjoyed some coffee while they enjoyed some cookie's. After a lovely refreshment we did a little shopping and I got a new pair of lovely boots. After shopping we took a little walk and noticed a few things we had never noticed before! (Keep an eye out tomorrow to see them)

Yesterday Myself and D went to see if we could get D a Halloween costume and a pumpkin or two. We got neither though D did enjoy himself laughing at all the other children putting on scary masks. (He had such a demonic laugh! Very festive) We then had a look around some shops for bits and pieces we needed before heading home for dinner, bath and bed.

How has your week been? I hope it has been better than ours.


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