Friday, 2 October 2015

Our Adventures This Week #31

Last week was a bit of a whirl wind and we haven't really stopped since then which is why we haven't posted anything the past week or so!

We started the week off on Monday with an amazing birthday party for my cousin which you will be able to read all about tomorrow in our post about it. After this we went for a walk into town with D's aunt and cousin before heading home for dinner.

Tuesday was spent our for a long walk where we had initially went out to have a coffee and walk but instead ended up doing some browsing and shopping in various shops and before we knew it, it had got into the late afternoon and past time to head home!

We then went to the shop on Wednesday which led to another long walk this time it was D who told us all where we where going and we ended up at a pet shop! (wouldn't you know D could find one!) Daddy and Uncle L decided that if we went into the pet shop and looked at all the cute animals then they might convince me we need to get one. (It didn't work!) I am not a pet person, I don't have any great hate to pets but I just do not need one added to the list of people and things I am responsible for as let's face it, I would be the one looking after this pet. After the walk back home we all took part in making a lovely dinner which we will tell you all how to make very soon so do check back to spot it!

We did our usual Thursday visitation of everyone and seen Granda, Granny and Nanny this time! D knows how to get to each person's house or place of work and quite happily walks now so no more pram on the bus! Although by the time we finished and got home it was defiantly bed time! Even more exciting was the D's other uncle had finished making the wooden frame of our new bookcase! (All will be revealed soon!).

Friday was a relatively not very exciting day with only a walk about and a lot of organising to house. I managed to get the whole house to stay tidy at the same time, D was asleep! It didn't last very long before toys where taken out again and I was on my daily run around laps again.

Saturday we again went for a lovely walk to get coffee and decided to have a walk about with D as Uncle L had gone out with some friends!

We will be posting this weeks Adventure's on Monday as I do have a few posts planned until then but after this week we will be back to a Saturday for our weekly Adventure's.

How has your past week or so been? We do love to read about it!


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