Friday, 9 October 2015

Letters to D

Dear D,

The past few months have been a real whirl wind for us with moving house and decorating which you where a great help with! you became a little handy man and loved to help do whatever you could.

Uncle L moving in with us and you getting a bunk bed ( which you love!). You seem much more at home in your bed now that you aren't alone, which is a big plus to mummy as I now get a lovely bed to myself for most of the night.

You also seem to have developed a routine now that you are sleeping better in bed and you are getting up a bit

earlier than the afternoon.

You are now so full of energy and adventure. You love to discover anything new in the big wide world and prefer to take charge in where we go! You walk almost everywhere and are very safe at crossing the road. You have now decided that the green man needs some encouragement to show up faster and will shout him until his little light shows up!

I love watching you engage in lots of conversation as your vocabulary grows every day and you even know some fancy words like 'Swivel Casters' and your all time favourite ' Caster wheels' which you learnt from Blaze and the Monster Machines on Nick Jr. You are turning into a smart little cookie.

You now love trains and are growing a collection! You know all the sounds they make and love to point out the ones we see when we are out.

You are astonishing me and daddy most days of the week with the things you now know. We are so incredibly proud of the little man you have become. You are learning manners everyday and you love to say hello to people as they walk past! You made a lady smile last week when she seen you running past her car so happy and ready to get to our destination.

Every day is a new adventure when you are around and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.




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