Monday, 26 October 2015

Let's Get Cooking - Puff Pastry Pizza

For our Let's Get Cooking post I am telling you all about one our most loved recipes that is easy to make and you will all be able to join in as a family! We are making Puff Pastry Pizza. This tasty recipe is perfect for either lunch or dinner and is pretty quick to make too.

To make Puff Pastry Pizza You will need:

  • A roll of ready rolled puff pastry (You can make your own but this went very wrong the last I tried)

  • Tomato puree

  • Cheese (Grated of any kind is best)

  • Some vegetables ( We used peppers)

  • cooked meat (We have used ham and pepperoni

  • A spoon each

  • Baking paper

  • Oven tray (you may need 2 )

  • A knife ( sharp)

  • Chopping board


To make Puff Pastry Pizza:
First you will need to cut your puff pastry sheet into equal portions (if you are making this for a toddler you can divide up smaller portions after cooking as they need to cook evenly). We cut ours into 4 equal quarters of the puff pastry sheet. Do this part yourself or let another adult do it as you will need to use a sharp knife. Once your puff pastry is cut you need to give each person a square of baking paper that is bigger than the puff pastry.

While you have your chopping board out you should cut your veg up into small chunks (or they won't cook well). I cut up our Peppers and left them on the chopping board. You can do these first two steps before seating your children to join in if you like.

If you are using ham or chicken you can get the kids involved by asking them to rip it all up into small pieces. D and Uncle L love doing this ( although D didn't want to help much )!


Now you will need to spread on your tomato puree. It is best to do this with the underneath side of a spoon. If you tilt the spoon slightly so it is on the edge this works better and will spread evenly. ( D wasn't too happy that Daddy needed to do his!)wpid-wp-1445820617741.jpeg

Now it is time to add your ingredients to your puff pastry pizza. You can really go mad here and add whatever you like. Don't worry if someone doesn't want to add much. It is their pizza and with toddlers you can still add a few bits before the they add they cheese to sneak some veg on there that they like! I think someone got hungry half way through and started putting things in his mouth instead of on the pizza!

Once you are finished adding everything you like on your pizza you now need to add your cheese. We always use mild Cheddar as this is the only cheese everyone eats so it is the only one I really buy. However you are welcome to use your favourite cheese.

Now it is all finished and you just got to cook it in a preheated oven at 180 oC for around 10 -15 minutes. I usually pair our pizza with some sweet potato chips which I prepare before we sit down to make our pizza. These are really simple to make you just cut up some sweet potato into good sized chips. Add to an oven tray and drizzle some oil over the top. Pop in the oven with your puff pastry pizza and you have a great dinner.


We didn't have any sweet potato chips this time as we had a big lunch and this is pretty filling!

I hope you all enjoy these as much as we do. I have never heard a bad thing from anyone who tries them. If you missed our stuffed peppers recipe you can check it out by clicking the link.


  1. I love puff pastry. Never thought to use it as pizza crust. Thanks for the idea!

  2. You are welcome. It is so versatile there are a few things you can make with it. We love it too.


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