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Halloween Craft Ideas - Spider Trick or Treat Bags

So guys Halloween week is definitely upon us with lots of activities to go out to and keep the children entertained. However as not everyone enjoys long days out during the half term break there are still plenty of activities you can do at home to keep the kids entertained and happy. If you missed our first post on Halloween Craft Ideas/Activities you can find it by clicking on the link.

Over the weekend we got crafty again with make two things I think you might like to try. The first activity we got to doing was making some spider trick or treat bags out of some paper plates. I am not sure where I came across this one but I remember seeing it in a Halloween activities google picture search and I thought these would be great for D and Uncle L to make during Halloween week. We are hoping to get some trick or treating done on Halloween but if the weather is bad we won't be participating so I will just put a few things inside these for them both.

Okay so now on with the making of some spider trick or treat bags. To get started you will need;

  • Paper plates ( We used plain white ones. You can use any you like and black would work best but remove some painting fun.)

  • Black poster paint

  • Brushes

  • Paint pots or use one of your paper plates

  • Pipe cleaners ( 6 per bag)

  • Googly eyes ( Large ones seem to look best)

  • A tablecloth or mess mat to keep the area clean from paint and easier to tidy

  • Sellotape

  • Scissors

  • PVA glue

  • Cup of water to wash brushes

To get started once you have everything all set out and ready to go you can get started! The first thing you will need to do is paint your paper plate black. You can really just let the kids go at it here as after all it won't need to be perfect. D and Uncle L do like to get artistic every once in a while, D wasn't to bother about how his overall black turned out looks wise. He was more interested in how many times he could make his brush move up and down without needing new paint! Uncle L on the hand was very interested in making sure his plate was fully covered in black paint and that it was all pretty even. This picture is from our first attempt that Daddy threw out by accident as they didn't dry for 2 days so we tried the new way of keeping as one plate and painting before cutting.

We put our plates to one side to dry out, this took about an hour so we got on with our other activity at the bottom of the post during this time while we waited. You can do this to or for some other inspiration of things to do for Halloween during this time you can click on our Halloween Badge at the very bottom of the post. (The one with the cool pumpkin.)

Once all the paint is completely dry you will need to take your plate and fold in half. Once folded you need to cut along the fold. Mum's and Dad's may need to help at this point and will certainly need to watch all those little fingers if they are doing it themselves. I did this part for D as we are still waiting on our scissors arriving. After you have cut your plate in two you now need to glue the outside edge (The ribbed part) together using PVA glue. D loved doing this as he does rather enjoy using PVA glue and helps to squeeze it out and spread it along. Uncle L managed to make this cool bubble while trying to show me he had glued it together! He pushed the two end together and the bubble appeared.

Once you do that you will end up with a paper plate that should look similar to this.

Now you will need to get 4 of the pipe cleaners for each bag and cut the in half. It is probably going to work better at this point if you cut these as the wire is pretty tough and will need some good sharp scissors to cut through it. Once you have 8 small pipe cleaners you will need to put a short piece of sellotape around the top of each pipe clean. I added ours onto the end that was cut. I did it at this end to ensure there was no sharp pieces of wire hanging out.

Now that each pipe cleaner has some sellotape on it you can now sellotape them on to the back of your spider anyway you want. Let the kids sick them all down and I do recommend you use separate pieces of sellotape to make sure they stick well. I used sellotape here because glue just doesn't mix very well with pipe cleaners. Another plus is that you can turn your spider round and keep working on it. D loved sticking the pipe cleaners down but he was rather impatient in waiting on me adding the tape around the pipe cleaners.

Now to give that spider a friendly face you can add some dots of PVA glue where you would like to stick on your googly eyes on and stick them down. I am not entirely sure why but D finds doing this hilarious and will laugh from the lifting up of the googly eyes  right through the process of sticking them down. Then and only then will he stop laughing. You can also add a lovely little smile using a little bit of paint.

Now we are almost at the end. The final thing you need to do is to put four smallish holes into your paper plate about 1-2 cm from the top opening of your trick or treat bags. I did this for D by using the end if a pair of scissors with a piece of blue tack underneath (Remember Art Attack? That stuff sticks in your head!) You can use a pencil if you prefer. Uncle L did his own the same way. Once we had 2 holes on either side of the opening at the top we used a full size pipe cleaner on the front and another on the back. Simply thread each side through and up to meet the pipe cleaner just enough to twist it around itself and make it more secure. Tada! You have now got a lovely unique little Spider trick or treat bag.

If you don't like spiders you could replicate the bag for a pumpkin by using orange paint and adding some darker orange lines in. You could also make a ghost by adding a bit of white paper/ card on the front and back of the bag in the shape of the bottom half of a ghost. You can make this into whatever you like from the basics!

Now the second craft idea I want to tell you about comes from Becky over at 3 Princesses and 1 Dude. I seen this last week and honestly I just wanted to get time with the kids to do this. I love using recycled materials to make new things and there is nothing better than making a good classic game from things you normally throw in the bin!

So I am talking about these little spooky goodies. We have ghosts, bats and pumpkins in this fab little homemade game of Halloween skittles. I love that these are so super easy to do that you would be able to do them  with young children from 1 years old right up to Uncle L's age of 14 years old and possibly beyond too. To find out how to make this great game click on the link 'Halloween skittles' above and don't forget to check out our little slide show below to see the fun D and Uncle L had making these.



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