Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Brave Bones Club - Steve Backshall's Episodes

If you can remember a while ago we wrote a post about going on An Adventure with the Brave Bones Club if not you can read it by clicking the link. Well here are the winner's video's with Steve Backshall. Showing us all amazing things to do in the great outdoors with our children! Have a look and see what you can learn for even more adventures! The Brave Bones club held a competition to find 6 children between 8-11 years old to join Steve Backshall in a new video series on thrill seeking adventures! Check them out below and don't forget to check out The Brave Bones Club Website.

The first episode is all about finding out about making shelters and somewhere to sleep. I love that the children do most of it themselves and that Steve is not intruding on their learning/ building independence but still making suggestions and helping without doing anything for them! Not only does the video show you how to create good shelters from the weather and using what is available to you! The skills you can teach your children through this video could teach them to survive if they needed to in the wilderness alone. Plus it has great self-esteem building for you child to know they can do this themselves with nothing except nature.
Steve shows the kids how to build three very different shelters whether you’re trying to keep dry off the forest floor or pitching up in your living room. You’ll learn how to create an A-frame shelter using all natural materials, how to scope out a super spot for a hammock, and how to put up your very own tarpaulin.

The second episode is all about the critter club! This part is all about finding out about all the creatures in nature and you won't even have to leave your garden for this one perfect for the curious children who love looking at nature. Steve shows the children how to create a creature habitat for bugs, birds and hedgehogs. The simplicity of these habitats makes this such an easy task you can even complete it with a toddler which we will be trying soon. I will be sure to update once I get up the courage to face creepy crawlies!!(ahhhhhh)

The Third episode is all about spotting the signs of animal activity by listening to, looking for and spotting creatures and their homes anywhere you go! I love this episode it is filled with so many top tips, facts and fun adventure trail ideas for kids. I love to look out for tracks and now I can show D all the ways for finding creatures, home of creatures and insect homes in forests, parks and nature. I can't wait for our next walk around a forest.

In episode 4 Steve teaches the children about map and compass reading a wonderful and very important skill for anyone who loves the wild! I love that this was completed with a very interesting treasure hunt that involved the children really paying attention to their surroundings and working together as a team to develop their skills.  Steve shows the children how to find their way on different types of terrain as well meaning if children defer from the track they still know what to do to get back and to navigate.

 The final episode is all about bug bothering, which involves going out and finding bugs by disrupting their habitats and being able to look up close to all the creepy crawlies. They show us through stick shaking, Using a porter and by using butterfly nets to sweep surf. Steve shares tips on how to recognize bugs and butterflies.

 Well there you have it you should now have everything you need to get up close and personal with all the nature you like! What great adventures you can have with all the tips you have learnt!


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