Monday, 21 September 2015

Our Adventures This Week

We are posting our adventures a bit late this week as we had a weekend of family time and I spent Saturday trying to organise the house a bit more. All in all we had a good week.

We spent Tuesday doing our usual fortnightly shopping which we now walk to do without the pram and no more tantrums about getting in the trolly! We have also started to do our Christmas shopping!  There isn't long left now.

Wednesday we had a very early start with getting up at 6 am  to attend a meeting at Uncle L's school.  Which went incredibly well, he is doing great at school and has been vastly improving this year even though it has only been a few weeks.  After the meeting me and D did a little shopping and D had a sleep  before heading home to play games and do some drawing before dinner.


Thursday was a very eventful day, we did our usual visiting of family members while Uncle L was at school. But we had a big change this week D got his very first hair cut! Although D was terrified and crying very hard while holding on to my hand for dear life he sat incredibly still and did really well.  Hopefully next time will be easier. 


On Friday we got up and went for a walk together where we got coffee and had a little look in some shops along the way.

I spent Saturday trying to organise the house as there are still some things that haven't got a place yet and it's starting to drive me a little insane! 

Sunday we took a walk to the shop together and although it was raining we had a lot of fun with D jumping in puddles and Daddy joining in too. Once we got home myself, Uncle L and Daddy got to work peeling and cutting vegetables to make stew.

How has your week been? 


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