Saturday, 5 September 2015

A Disappearing Act

So over the last two months we did a bit of a disappearing act, it was unintentional and I have been trying to write this post for a while now. I decided at the start of this that we would stop writing for a week or two for us to adjust to our new daily routines and get used to living as family of four. As Uncle L moved in quite suddenly there was no time to prepare for him and it made writing hard while I was trying to rearrange our whole house. However things just seemed to keep happening! The last few weeks have been very hectic to say the least!

It started when Uncle L moved in with us. We had a lot going on with changing details and attending court to make our home legally uncle L's home too. It was hard to get used to being four when it came to meal portion sizes, shopping for four people and the amount of new housework that comes with a teenager! Trying to adapt while still writing was extremely challenging meaning, later nights and earlier mornings. Trying to fit everything into one day was just impossible.

Shortly after we stopped writing we decided we really needed to move house, we had wanted to move before Uncle L moved in but it became more of a necessity than a want after that. We heard back about a new house within the first week of not writing our posts. I was planning on writing a post once we had everything finalised. It just seemed that I never stopped for the next 4-6 weeks. I started packing the house the day we where told we where getting the new house. Seemed very rational at the time and honestly if I hadn't we would not have moved yet! I did most of the packing as we had a lot to pack and even more to organise, at least when I packed alone Daddy could look after D all in all Daddy packed 3 small boxes and Uncle L packed 4 small boxes (their own things!) D even helped pack and packed away 90% of his toys a week before we moved! He was very happy and proud to help put his things into the boxes for going to our new house!

Between packing and shopping for everything we would need in our new house the days just slipped past us. We started with paint and started to paint the day we got the keys! The living/ dinning room was first which was the largest and the most to do. We painted magnolia with a lovely aqua blue and purple colour in the rooms to match all the white blue, purple and black furniture we had and bought. half way through the painting in the living room we realised we needed me to get painting too. I started with my room as it should have only needed a quick two coats of paint and some stickers removed.. well it needed stripped then the above done! After a good 6-7 hours i was finished with coat number 1. I helped Daddy to paint the cream in the living room while D and Uncle L played in the garden or up in their room which had flooring already.

It took 3 days but we finally got the living room painted the way we wanted! We officially had colour in the house!! This was a first for us and very exciting! Next we had to do the top coat on my room which only took an hour or two.  Next room was D and Uncle L's room they where getting a blue room with a blackboard wall! (seriously cool!) It took A LOT longer than we thought to finish their room which was all wallpaper! We stripped in one day and painted the next it took two and a half days but we finally finished! D's other uncle came to do the wall paper in my room and the flooring in my room. although both these took a full day we had went to IKEA to get beds etc that we might need and it was now time to get them up! starting in the boy's room and Auntie S came to visit at just the right time to get roped in to helping!

We finally got back to living-room and lay the flooring over 2 days (Really!) we finally put together all the furniture for there and the final part was to paint the bathroom (the kitchen and hall are still a work in progress) A month after we got our definite yes we where finally moving in which took ALL day. I spent the next week or so unpacking and finding everywhere a home!

We finally got our Internet back about 3 weeks ago and we finally had to get ready to go back to school for Uncle L. All in all the last lot of weeks have been stressful, happy, sad and challenging but we all got there and I can finally get back to a normal routine now that I have found the hours in the day!

I hope you all had a wonderful and adventurous summer!


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