Monday, 21 September 2015

Our Adventures This Week

We are posting our adventures a bit late this week as we had a weekend of family time and I spent Saturday trying to organise the house a bit more. All in all we had a good week.

We spent Tuesday doing our usual fortnightly shopping which we now walk to do without the pram and no more tantrums about getting in the trolly! We have also started to do our Christmas shopping!  There isn't long left now.

Wednesday we had a very early start with getting up at 6 am  to attend a meeting at Uncle L's school.  Which went incredibly well, he is doing great at school and has been vastly improving this year even though it has only been a few weeks.  After the meeting me and D did a little shopping and D had a sleep  before heading home to play games and do some drawing before dinner.


Thursday was a very eventful day, we did our usual visiting of family members while Uncle L was at school. But we had a big change this week D got his very first hair cut! Although D was terrified and crying very hard while holding on to my hand for dear life he sat incredibly still and did really well.  Hopefully next time will be easier. 


On Friday we got up and went for a walk together where we got coffee and had a little look in some shops along the way.

I spent Saturday trying to organise the house as there are still some things that haven't got a place yet and it's starting to drive me a little insane! 

Sunday we took a walk to the shop together and although it was raining we had a lot of fun with D jumping in puddles and Daddy joining in too. Once we got home myself, Uncle L and Daddy got to work peeling and cutting vegetables to make stew.

How has your week been? 
Thursday, 17 September 2015

Taking on The Teen

Well as you know if you read my blog we have had Uncle L come live with us. Uncle L is my oldest brother. Now if you had of told me 4 months ago that I would be bringing up a toddler and a teen I probably would have told you that you are crazy. Even though last summer to Christmas we had another teen staying with us. The difference? She was staying with us and was 16 which meant I wasn't really her guardian, she was. That was only a temporary stay to help her get up on her own in the world. Uncle L is here for at least the next 2 years but probably for the next 4+ years and that is permanent for us all. Here we are a family of 4 and I must say having Uncle L with us can be challenging but it is worth it and he is mostly behaving and listening to us. However I have seen a very big pattern with Uncle L that I had never noticed before.

The main thing I have noticed and learnt in the last 3 months is that a teenager is basically just an overgrown toddler that can walk, talk, feed themselves and are potty trained. My conclusion to this is that we spend 13 years bringing up our children, teaching them about most things they need to know in life and suddenly they hit teenage years and it all goes out the window! Turning into a teen seems to wipe out most of their knowledge

A few of the things that lead me to a this conclusion are;

A teenager throws ALOT of tantrums, just because we call it rebelling doesn't change the fact that they basically are only a teenage tantrum can end up worse than a toddlers. Mostly a teenage tantrum consists of arguing with you before stomping up the stairs to their room where they probably blast some music (thankfully Uncle L does this in a form of headphones.) Their favourite line during this period is "Your ruining my life!" and although we have not heard this from Uncle L we all know that we have as a teenager said it!

A teenager loves to have a massive huff or a better word for it would be hibernate when something doesn't go right. This usually happens after the tantrum is over. This again happens mostly in their room or better yet right in front of you with a hood pulled over their face like it makes them invisible! I mean at least this is cute with a toddler, it is utterly ridiculous when a teenage does it! I do have to check I am not laughing out loud when this happens as this then causes another tantrum! Be warned.

Teenagers seem to have lost the ability to listen to you. Have you ever tried to tell a wall to take out the rubbish? Well I haven't but I bet I would get better results than asking a teenager. A common problem here is that when they do listen it seems to be to certain parts of the conversation and end up doing something completely different or even the opposite to what you have asked! Stick to Clear precise instructions in preferably 3-4 word sentences. (This seems to be working for us.)

Telling a teen no? That will just result in stomping, a tantrum or sulking/ hibernation or possibly if it is really bad then all three! So be prepared for this from the offset of any conversation.

Much like a toddler a teen will test the 'boundaries' of what they can and cannot do or what happens when they don't listen. I have guessed that the main reason for this is because they clearly didn't learn the first time around?!

A teenager cannot sit still. No I am serious they constantly have to move a part of their body, tapping things with hands or feet, fingers, moving arms, legs or their head. Uncle L even moves around most of the night in his sleep! This drives me insane when I am trying to relax and watch TV as I can always see him moving at the edge of my vision.

With everything I have learnt about bring up a teen in the last few months I still know there are bigger and harder things to come. These I am not prepared for but I will get there and hopefully I can cope with them. I now know how my mother felt 6-7 years ago when I was a teenager. I know that is crazy right? I also know my mother is reading this and I just have to say I am sorry I was a teenager who did all of the above! Thank you for putting up with my teenage ways though!

We do have a lot of time where none of the above happens but I just wanted to share my thoughts and give you an insight into what happens in our house and how I relate a teen to a toddler.

Do you have a Teenage toddler? Let us know all about their antics by leaving us a comment.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

What We're Reading - Wobble Bear Says Yellow by

Well when we got Wobble Bear Says Yellow I most certainly was not expecting D to become so attached to Wobble Bear, he point him out on every page!

Wobble Bear says Yellow cover

Wobble Bear says Yellow is all about a little bear called Wobble who just loves to say yellow and it is his favourite colour. He believes every colour is yellow and doesn't listen to his mummy bear telling him what each colour is. He does get it right once though!

I must say we all love this book, it is just so fun loving and the same as any child who has just learnt to say a new colour. We have been reading this every night for around 5 weeks and although D should now be bored of this book he still picks it up before any other and will sit patiently waiting for me to finish what I am doing so I can read it to him.

Wobble bear almost  says pink!

Wobble bear says yellow is a wonderful book for toddlers who are learning to say and recognise their colours. Wobble bear is a character children can relate to. He is very good at making children laugh, defiantly for D anyway!  I feel that wobble bear is a great teaching tool for bedtime reading with young children who are learning about their colours. It's a great way to fill their little heads with information right before their short term memories turn into long term ones and this should help in the learning of colours.


I do think that wobble bear says yellow has some beautiful and simple illustrations that clearly show all the items that mummy bear tells wobble the colours of and these items are always very forward in the picture. D is always able to find and recognise each item as we read through the story. He also has a great sense of self achievement when he is right and I think this book has built up a bit more of his confidence so I would have to say we do recommend this book for any toddler's out there.

As you can see below we really love Wobble bear says yellow.

You can find Wobble Bear Says Yellow on Amazon by clicking the link. It costs £5.99
Saturday, 12 September 2015

Our Adventures This Week # 29

This week has been blissfully relaxing with only a few appointments and not a lot of places that we needed to go to. This has been our first week where we have not had much to do and have had a lot of time to just relax and enjoy our new home between everything that has been going on we have spent a lot of time busy doing things and we have been trying to sort the house out properly. We are slowly getting there and there are just a few small bits and piece which have yet to find a new home.

The start of the week was all about spending time together, we would play games, take a walk or two and watch some TV together. Daddy had to go to the doctors on Wednesday and I was waiting on a lady coming to speak to us so we went out in the morning and stayed home for the rest of the day.

This week we took our usual visiting schedule although we did only visit Granda and Nanny as Granny was sick in hospital (which we found out later). We took the bus this time with just Myself and D. This meant we had a lot more time on our hands and had time to do some shopping while waiting on us all to go to nannies. We spent some time going around some shops before we started to go to Nannies.

I was again in court on Friday so we had a friend come to stay with Daddy and D while I was out. Though we had got a lot done in court this time we still didn't get an outcome yet! This is extremely frustrating! But we will get there I hope. After court Daddy and his friend went out for a while to play pool while me and D stayed at home and watched a film. Uncle L was in school and once he came home he watched TV with D while I got some housework done!

Today we are off out on a walk to just get out and do something!

How has your week been? Let us know below in the comments we do love to hear from you!
Thursday, 10 September 2015

D at... 30 Months

It's so hard to believe D is now 2 1/2 Years old! Where have the past 2 1/2 years went? We have a lot to update you on this month, D has progressed so much since we last did a post. With Uncle L moving in, Moving house, adapting a new routine, a new room, new bed and everything in between!

D at 30 Months

D has been growing and learning everyday, his words, sentences and all round speech is getting better and better.

We have found D loves to learn, he is so enthusiastic about trying to say new things and learning new sounds.

In the past few months D has learnt to recognise and say most sounds made from vehicles, animals and the weather!

D's favourite sound is NEE-NAR, he loves to be a police man in a police car with his police hat on!

He has learnt to say;

  • How?

  • come with me

  • read

  • where is it?

  • why? (yes he learnt the dreaded why!)

  • blue shoes (They're his favourite)

  • wobble bear

  • Rabbit

  • Bear

  • Teddy

  • I have... (along with what ever he wants)

  • Me come too?

  • help me

D has also developed a very good imagination and will regularly be found making his toys talk, hug, run, jump and sing! He likes to take his police cars off to stop the dinosaurs fighting with each other! This one in particular is very amusing to watch as the police man is 3x the size of the dinosaur and the police car he uses, but the dinosaurs are very defiant and like to say no, this always ends in them arguing yes, no, yes, no, yes, no followed promptly by the police man going ahhhhhhh!!! while the dinosaur eats him!! D likes to play with his dressing up hats and to also dress up as mummy in my high heels and scarfs along with sunglasses and daddy with his hat, slippers and daddy's necklace.

D is becoming very interested in trying to write things down like our shopping lists, he will sit beside me with his own piece of paper while he tries to copy what i am writing on mine! He now recognises almost every letter and sound and has learnt to associate the letters with things and will try to say the letter he thinks words start with although he is still mostly wrong this is a huge leap from struggling to say some letters and their sounds!

D has changed a lot in his personality, he loves to laugh at anything funny! He finds daddy very funny and will always find a reason to laugh at him or with him. If you listen while he is playing alone he will regularly crack himself up! D also loves to be independent but very safe at the same time, he knows when he can cross a road and when he cannot. D has learnt about the area of the house that can be dangerous and will always be VERY careful around these areas all except the stairs (not sure he understands the stair one?). He will be very careful when in the kitchen, bathroom when the floor is wet and doesn't go under the stairs, he also doesn't go into the cupboard in his room!

We finally learnt to get his top on by himself! He can now get himself dressed and will regularly take it all off just to put it back on! we are still working on socks but they really are hard!

While we where moving house D became a perfect little handy man! He loves to use his little rollers to paint pictures or pretend to paint the wall with unused rollers! He also loves it when daddy had to use the drill to make a hole and will become daddies "boss" telling him where it has to go for the hole to drill right! He has also loved using a screw driver to put all the screws in right and I think we will be asking Santa for a builder's bench this year!
Little Builder!

I think from now on we will be doing our D at... posts on a 3 month basis from now on rather than every month like before as we will have so much more to tell you!

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