Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Our Adventures This Week #28

This post is running late for this week as I have spent the weekend relaxing after days and days of being busy and a little stress. I thought very much about this post and what has happened over the last week. I needed these few days to not have anything to do. 

Last Friday we had a new addition come to our house to live in the form of my younger brother and D's uncle. Uncle L is 14 year's old.  Due to this happening our week has been long, confusing and most of all strange to get used to.

I honestly don't know what we did on Monday apart from tidy up and get comfortable with the changes happening at home.

On Tuesday D, Simon and Uncle L spent most of the day playing and watching TV. I spent the day on the phone making appointments,  talking to family members and trying to remember the day's and time's we had free.

Wednesday we headed to D's aunt's to get a few letter's she had we where waiting on. By the time we got over and back it was almost four and I had to get changed and leave again for a few hours I had arranged the previous weekend. We all tidied the house and prepared for the long day on Thursday making sure everyone had what the would need ready to go the next morning.  I made sure we where all prepared with what we where to expect the next day. We spent the rest of the evening watching  a film together. 

On Thursday morning we got up and checked we had everything ready to go met uncle L after school.  It was a tight fit with the appointment we had to get to and the time it took.  D and uncle L stayed in the waiting room during the appointment  which lasted around an hour. After we all headed to Nanny's for a much needed time with friends and family.  We didn't get home until after 8pm,  we all had a quick bite to eat before bed.

Friday myself and D got up a while after uncle L left for school and got ready for our other appointment which would last up to 3 and a half hours. Luckily D was very tired by Friday and spent most of the first 2-3 hours sleeping in his pram. After the appointment we headed straight home so I could go help out a friend for around 4 hours before we all got sorted to go to bed (at last). Friday seemed to last forever! I spent Friday evening on the phone and finally we went to bed.

Saturday was a sad day for us with Daddy leaving early to go to a friends Funeral,  a very close friend who had died on Wednesday night. Myself, D and uncle L  spent the day doing NOTHING! ( It was a very much needed weekend of mostly rest both physically and mentally for us all.)

How was last week for you?


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