Saturday, 23 May 2015

Our Adventures This Week #27

Hello everyone!

I must say I don't know how we ended up so busy this week! We have not stopped really since Tuesday morning!

Monday was a big day for us all as a family although myself and D didn't do much except clean and play. Dad had the Dentist! Time had finally came for him to have his crowns fitted! To fully understand why this was such a big event you really have to understand that in the 6 years me and Simon have been together I have never seen his full size teeth. He was never very good at looking after them and had also never been to a dentist after the age of 7 or 8 years old. As you can imagine his teeth where in really bad shape and needed a lot of work. He has now been seeing his dentist regularly for 6 months. It has made such an instantaneous change to all our lives already, Simon is a lot happier now than he was 2 weeks ago or at least he is showing being happy a lot more. He will smile and laugh around 10 - 20 times a day which is lovely to hear and to see. He seems more confident when we are out and will actively say hello or smile to strangers as they walk past. Something I always do! It costs nothing to share a smile after all!

We got up on Tuesday morning and had to go shopping for swimming shorts for Simon, we had ended up taking a long walk around town and having a bite to eat before we headed home and got everyone sorted out to go swimming on Wednesday this paired with dinner took longer than i had thought and we ended up busy until bedtime.

Wednesday came and it was time to go swimming! We as usual where going with my sister and niece the only difference this time was that Simon was coming! It was a very exciting day for D as this is the first time daddy has went swimming with us. Actually it's the first time he had went swimming in around 4 years! We all had a wonderful time and D is getting better at swimming every time we go now! His cousin who comes too is starting to feel more comfortable in the water to so going when we can is really paying off for us now! After swimming we went to pick a few things up and headed home. I had planned to quickly clear some of the kitchen cupboards out and to then make dinner. Little did I know I would have to end up clearing out 90% of the kitchen then need to clean the mess I had made in doing so! By the time i had finished dinner was 2 hours late and it was almost time for bed!

Thursday came and we had our usual walk and family visiting! It took longer this week for some reason! But we eventually got to see everyone and it was a lovely day so there was plenty for us to enjoy while we where going from one to the other. I have started to notice that D only really takes an interest in one person, His cousin who goes with us and toys! He never actually goes to see his Granda just to see him, it's more to play with the toy at his work or to run around!

yesterday I got up early to take one of our TV's over to D's Nannies before we headed down to the Friday Market! We went down and spent some time at the market with D's Nanny, uncle and aunt. We also managed to end up with a lot of things people refused to let us pay for because D had wanted them! This happens all the time but yesterday was a bit excessive. He managed to have 2 very small portions of chips known to us as a cone, a banana, a frump lolly, a toy car and a minion biscuit which I must admit was from a lovely man who sells the most amazing cupcakes in Belfast! Which I will have to tell you all about sometime! The car and lolly had been bought by his aunt after we had said he wasn't allowed them! After the Friday market we ended up going around to The Continental Market in Belfast to see my aunt who works there. We also went on the Carousel for the first time with D.  By the time we got home it was around 4pm and I think I had fell asleep. (I lost two hours of time if I didn't!) In the end I had to go meet a family member for what I thought would be a short period of time. It wasn't I ended up being away for around 3 hours and once I got home and had something to eat it was time for me to go to bed!

I had a post planned for this week, I had 2 actually but with never stopping long enough to write one I was entirely happy with I had in the end decided to put it off until I was. I  am currently waiting on one thing I need for one of the posts and this will then be able to be uploaded for you all to read!

How has your week been? We always love to hear from you in the comments!


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