Saturday, 16 May 2015

Our Adventures This Week # 26

Well we will start with last week. Last week we did nothing! Absolutely not one thing except sleep, eat and stay home. Turns out that we hadn't got over being sick and it came back with more! It took the full week before we started to feel up to leaving the house!

I also want to apologise for posting so late today, we have not stopped from we got up this morning.

This week for us really started on Monday when we met up with the health visitor. You can read all about our Visit to the Health Visitor by clicking the link. After we finished we again went home and slept most of that day too we where still pretty sick but the appointment takes weeks to get so we couldn't miss it.

On Tuesday we slept in. We managed to sleep right through our allergies clinic appointment which we waited on for a year! Yes really i was so annoyed with myself over this! We ended up all feeling much better and going shopping at last! We had quite a lot of fun leaving the house properly for the first time in a week not just a quick to and from appointment!

Well Wednesday came and we ended up having to cancel going to see D's granny as his aunt was sick ( I know!). We ended up spending the day giving everywhere a good clean from us all being sick it was mainly just tidied up.

Thursday ah Thursday we did our usual walk to see all our Granny's , Granda's, Nannies, Uncle's, Aunt's and cousin's who live along that walk. This actually takes around 6-7 hours of walking and visiting time. We visit 4 Houses altogether and walk around 9 miles!

Yesterday we didn't really do much to be honest we where all pretty tired after Thursday and i spent the day going through all of our clothes and preparing for better weather (I can hope right?).

Today on the other hand has been very long. We slept later than i planned and ended up rushing to get to my niece's 1st Birthday party. We all had a lot of fun and after all that rushing we got there too early and everyone else was late! On our way home we ended up walking into a Marching parade, which are very popular during what we call in Northern Ireland Marching Season. This was in fact D's first. Not really sure how we managed to not get to a full one before but we all enjoyed it and are now safely home and it is time to make dinner! So farewell for now and enjoy your weekends!


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