Wednesday, 6 May 2015

D at.. 27 Months

Since last month when D decided it was time he got round to telling us all he could talk properly we have seen his personality really bloom. his awareness of his surroundings is getting better every day. He knows where he can and cannot go, what he can do and how to do things safely. We have been showing D about crossing the road for a good few months now, we all look for the green man and the noise he makes that means we can cross the road! D like any child loves to press the button, once he has he stands two squares in from the road and waits on the green man. He is very good at knowing when to go but can get confused if someone on the other side of the road walks before the green man shows up!

D can say a lot now and likes to talk a lot more than we thought! If he isn't telling us something he telling his toys about anything he can! He loves saying hello to everyone we see and especially saying hello to other children.

This months D has learnt to say:

  • Help Me

  • Thank You

  • Why (Yes we know that word!)

  • Hurry Up

  • Taxi

  • Flower

  • Grass

  • Book

D has also learnt to recognise shapes and can say their names along with what colour they are. He knows circle, square, triangle and rectangle!

D loves to sing! Who knew? He will regularly be heard throughout our house singing himself a little song although I am convinced his favourite is the music that accompanies the 20th century fox symbol in films!

I will also find D laughing at something he finds funny quite a lot throughout the day. This can be anything from people beeping their horns to something someone has said. I must say his laugh is really cute!

I can't wait to see what D learns in the next month and find out the other aspects of D's personality as it blooms!


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