Thursday, 28 May 2015

An Adventure With The Brave Bones Club and Competitions!

I was recently contacted by the Brave Bones Club in connection with a few of their projects running at the minute. I am going to be honest before this started I had absolutely no idea there was a Brave Bones Club or what it would be about so I want to start this post by telling you about them and what they do.

The Brave bones Club was set up by Cheesestrings and Yollies to help encourage children and family to become braver and have more adventurous play that is safe, testing and thrilling! The whole club is based on the ethos that The more adventurously kids play, the stronger and more confident they grow up. The whole club encourages this with badges you can print off for your children to earn by completing Tasks, but these are no ordinary tasks! They include the Monster lullaby Badge, to achieve this badge you need to rock and sing a lullaby to a scary monster like a snake or a spider! You can find all of the badges and sign up to be a member of the Brave Bones Club by clicking on the link.

The Brave Bones Club is currently working in partnership with Steve Backshall who is the face of the clubs initiative to get children and families having safe but brave adventures. As part of this incentive The Brave Bones Club is running not one, but TWO competitions for everyone to enter!

The First competition is for A Four Day Adventure with Steve Backshall (Seriously, how cool is that?) you find out a lot of information on this in the below video. Click on the link to go enter, you won't want to miss this opportunity!

The Second competition seems possibly more exciting! You will be able to Win a chance to become a star of the Brave Bones Club adventure series with Steve! . By clicking on the link you will be able to go find out what you need to enter. You will need to create your very own Brave Bones Club badge like the ones on their website by using the template you will find in the link!
We where sent our own pack to go on own very own adventure with D to discover the world and mini beasts! We had all been looking forward to going on this adventure and what it would lead us to! Our pack included a lovely Backpack with the Brave Bones Club logo, A bottle for water or juice, A pair of binoculars, A magnifying glass which can lean against the ground to discover new places and creatures, A mini beast collector and a Sainsbury's Gift card.


With our voucher we got some cheesestrings (obviously! ), chicken, cheese for sandwiches, fruit and some flavoured water which we put in our bottle!
We now had everything we needed to go on our very own adventure in the park near us!

So we set off in search of an adventure and mini beasts! Do was fascinated from the minute we took out the binoculars! He had refused to take them off all day. We spent a good bit of time looking through the binoculars and seeing the world in a whole new way, D was fascinated by tree's he enjoyed looking right up into the branches and getting a real close up view of the world so high in the sky, we spotted a few birds hiding in the tree's until D scared them all away by shouting "birdy! !"

I very soon regretted not putting D's wellie boots on as it had just stopped raining when we left. D discovered puddles to run through to find new places!


It wasn't long before the magnifying glass came out and we went in search of mini beasts!

I am not sure if we just weren't looking in the right places or the rain scared them off but we just couldn't find any! Which meant we couldn't use the device or learn about bugs. I was really disappointed with the lack of mini beasts. I am not good with bugs but I was really interested in how it works and the up close look at bugs you get! I do really think that we will be carrying the devices with us from now on as they take up very little room!

After our failed attempts to locate some mini beast's we went in search of some flowers or long grass to find out the mini world below our feet! We all found this really interesting to see the grass, flowers and everything we stand on so close up.

D is to young to use the bottle we received though he gave it a go he did end up soaking wet and daddy has been using since (he won't let me take a picture) the concept of the bottle is wonderful and really brilliant for little explorer's! I had never tried to look at the world in this way or think of it through D's eyes this way. It has really opened my eyes to a new learning experience for D

It was to wet to have our picnic in the end it started raining again so we ended up having it at home! I forgot to take pictures of our picnic but I must say it was a really lovely day together discovering and exploring the world.

Here are a few extra photos we have of our exploring (not as many as normal. D broke the camera this week! )

If you enjoyed our post be sure to come back in mid July to see the winners in the Adventure Series!

Disclaimer - We received this pack to go on a safe adventure and tell you about the Brave Bones Club and it's current projects/ competitions


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