Thursday, 14 May 2015

2 Year Health Visitor Check

On Monday we had our 2 year appointment for D with the Health Visitor. I must say we didn't really start the appointment off well, We left the house 45 minutes before the appointment which should have given us plenty of time to arrive or so you would think.

We didn't, in fact not only did we arrive late we got to the destination shown on google maps to discover we where nowhere near the appointment! After an embarrassing phone call to the centre we finally got there. You probably think we are idiots and that we should know where the place is now that D is two.I must say that we now have a new Health Visitor since D turned 1 and we have never been to the Health Visitors clinic before our previous Health Visitor preferred to see D in his own setting or at the doctor's when he had jabs to get.

Once we finally arrived  D went with Daddy into their play room. They had blocks, cars, Lego and other toys to play with. While they enjoyed a little play I talked to the Health Visitor about D, his learning, his growth, his speech and answering any other questions.

She was very happy with D's progress and put a lot of questions i had to ask right for me. She informed me that D is very outgoing and he seems to enjoy the company of others. We all know D is a very orderly type of person, everything has a place at home every single toys has a home. The Health Visitor quickly picked up on this when D had to tidy every toy away in the place it would logically go before he would leave the play room. I honestly do think that D can sometimes present O.C.D in this regard but this is just him learning about how to look after himself ( This even looks crazy to me!)

She did inform us that D is developing as any child should, he is not behind in anything that should be expected at his age. She was very impressed with his puzzle solving skills and provided us with some ideas for helping him to develop further with encouragement which we will be sharing with you along with other ideas regarding encouraging development in toddlers.

All in all i think we needed this appointment as a family to touch base with a professional who could point us in the direction of how to push D further.

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  1. Glad to hear D is doing well. Our HV comes to our house - I thought that was the case everywhere!


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