Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Mummy Behind The Writing

Well I have been writing this blog for a few months now and it occurred to me that I really haven't told you much about me.  I wrote about D and Simon (Daddy) quite regularly but I tend to forget to write about me. So I have decided to do a getting to know me type post as our about us page is about all of us as a family. 

Okay so here goes,

Hello there!

I am Tammy, I am mum to one (sometimes two!) and I am the oldest of my 12 siblings (yes really, there's 12 of us!). I however was always the 'weird' sister. My dad has a Christmas tree angel the is unconventional (Gothic) and I still remember the day it first came out of it's box, from that moment on the angel is simply known to my sister as Tammy (even now years later! ).

I love to be creative,  I could spend hours drawing,  painting,  sewing,  crafting or writing if you let me. There's just something appealing in making things with my own two hands or changing something practical into something beautiful (in my own eyes anyway.) I also love to read. Before D came I spent hours and sometimes days just reading.  it takes me around 13 hours to read a 800 page book. I can forget to sleep if I get sucked into a really great book. Reading a book for me is like travelling into a different world,  a world that author has created in their own wonderful mind (that never ceases to amaze me!). I particularly love books that come in a series and have a 'supernatural' vibe to them. I sometimes find myself invested in a series of books and am rather sad when they end.

Here's some random facts about me;

1. I am 5 foot 4
2. I am a natural blonde! (I also find blonde jokes hilarious as I can usually relate!)
3. I have an overwhelming fear of throwing up! ( I think I will die. No, seriously)
4. I am half trained in childcare but have took the course twice in two different countries! (I will finish, eventually)
5. I am very bad at grammar. (sometimes at English altogether! )
6. I can't stand bad manners or people eating with their mouths open! (Gross!!!)
7. I can apply liquid eye liner perfectly in a moving vehicle. (pretty handy skill when running late! )
8. I have a birth mark that covers 90% of my hand.
9. My favourite colour is purple. for the first year after I met Simon he called me purple haired girl as he could never remember my name! some people still do! (Charming isn't he?)
10. my favourite body part is my eyes. They change colour (really) depending on my mood and my thoughts. I am being serious.

Is there anything else you would like to know?


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