Saturday, 11 April 2015

Our Adventures This Week #23

Well it has been one heck of a week! We have been trying to something everyday this week to take advantage of the great weather we are having. I do think we managed rather well in this department. I must warn you though this is a photo heavy post!

We started the week with Easter Sunday where we had arranged an Easter egg hunt for D at home. (This one included chocolate!) I had decided we where doing one very last minute after the fun D had on Saturday at the MAC egg hunt. After which we made some masks for D to wear (Myself and Daddy wore one too).

Monday we headed into the city centre for an 'Easter festival' we had actually done this last year but i must admit this years was brilliant, there was something for everyone to do! D was too young for some of it and had no interest in others but we visited some bunnies and sheep before getting his photo taken with Captain America! After which we played with the bean bags ( They where really for story time but kids will be kids and they enjoyed it more anyway!) We headed for coffee while we waited on the photo. We finished the day with some balloons and headed home

On Tuesday we went swimming again! D is getting more confident in the water and did his best to get away from me the whole time! I am really surprised at this as we have never taught D how to swim or went to lessons. In fact D hated the swimming pool up until a few weeks ago and this was only the second time we had went since!

Wednesday was a rather more relaxed day as we just headed to the park with Daddy and D's Aunt where we played for an hour or so before heading home to spend the day playing with D's toys.

When Thursday came it was really warm, too warm to attempt a 9 mile walk with a toddler in a pram! So we decided that this week we would only go to Nannies and take D to feed the ducks! We also climbed a small tree (D did with a bit of help!) discovered a stream, played dinosaurs trying to eat Nanny and had a look at some lovely flowers!

Yesterday we got the front garden sorted out for summer. We cut the grass and spent the day relaxing in it while D had fun with bubbles, trucks, toys and his ball pit!

Finally (at last, Sorry about that!) Today we are off to collect new swimming things and to see Nanny and D's aunts before she goes on holiday! (lucky her!!)

How was you week and more importantly how has your weather been?

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  1. What a great post, I just love all your photos, they're amazing and the way you have presented them is fab! It sounds like you've had an amazing week, and a great post to let you look back on the lovely week you've had.x


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