Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Mummy Behind The Writing

Well I have been writing this blog for a few months now and it occurred to me that I really haven't told you much about me.  I wrote about D and Simon (Daddy) quite regularly but I tend to forget to write about me. So I have decided to do a getting to know me type post as our about us page is about all of us as a family. 

Okay so here goes,

Hello there!

I am Tammy, I am mum to one (sometimes two!) and I am the oldest of my 12 siblings (yes really, there's 12 of us!). I however was always the 'weird' sister. My dad has a Christmas tree angel the is unconventional (Gothic) and I still remember the day it first came out of it's box, from that moment on the angel is simply known to my sister as Tammy (even now years later! ).

I love to be creative,  I could spend hours drawing,  painting,  sewing,  crafting or writing if you let me. There's just something appealing in making things with my own two hands or changing something practical into something beautiful (in my own eyes anyway.) I also love to read. Before D came I spent hours and sometimes days just reading.  it takes me around 13 hours to read a 800 page book. I can forget to sleep if I get sucked into a really great book. Reading a book for me is like travelling into a different world,  a world that author has created in their own wonderful mind (that never ceases to amaze me!). I particularly love books that come in a series and have a 'supernatural' vibe to them. I sometimes find myself invested in a series of books and am rather sad when they end.

Here's some random facts about me;

1. I am 5 foot 4
2. I am a natural blonde! (I also find blonde jokes hilarious as I can usually relate!)
3. I have an overwhelming fear of throwing up! ( I think I will die. No, seriously)
4. I am half trained in childcare but have took the course twice in two different countries! (I will finish, eventually)
5. I am very bad at grammar. (sometimes at English altogether! )
6. I can't stand bad manners or people eating with their mouths open! (Gross!!!)
7. I can apply liquid eye liner perfectly in a moving vehicle. (pretty handy skill when running late! )
8. I have a birth mark that covers 90% of my hand.
9. My favourite colour is purple. for the first year after I met Simon he called me purple haired girl as he could never remember my name! some people still do! (Charming isn't he?)
10. my favourite body part is my eyes. They change colour (really) depending on my mood and my thoughts. I am being serious.

Is there anything else you would like to know?
Saturday, 25 April 2015

Our Adventures This Week #24

Today We will be telling you about the last 2 weeks as we didn't manage to do much last week;

The start of last week was spent at home or in the garden on sunny days where we all played together, we painted pictures, used stickers and read a lot of books. We even used some of D's toy people to act in our stories which was a massive hit with D.

On Thursday we left the house earlier than normal and headed into town to pick up a few bits and pieces before Daddy and D headed up to nannies and I went to meet my sisters.

Once we met up it was time to head to Disney on Ice! I was expecting it to be a show made just for children (I forgot I am a big child at heart!) I was rather surprised at how much I enjoyed it!

Here's a few pictures (about 5% of what I took).

D ended up getting sick on Friday which lasted to this Tuesday so we spent all of the weekend at home until he felt better. By Wednesday we where all pretty sick of being at home so we decided to go to for a picnic and a lovely long walk! We did have lots of fun!

Here's some of the pictures we took of the beautiful flowers.

Thursday we went to Nannies, Granny's and Granda's we also went to D's Aunts. We all enjoy this time every week where we do our big walk and see many of our family members. D always has someone to play with or toys he likes to use while we are there!

Yesterday we spent the day watching movies and cooking as a family while it rained outside!
Thursday, 23 April 2015

What We're Reading - A Squash and A Squeeze By Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Firstly I want to apologise for the past week, I haven't posted anything for a few reasons;

  • I just didn't know what to write! I had a bit of writers block and just couldn't think.

  • My phone broke, I write almost all our posts, responses and anything else for the blog on my phone.

Now on to our book this month, we actually love this book all round as a family and has regularly been read over and over. We have been reading A Squash and A Squeeze this month. We are very big fans of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler in our house, The combination of Brilliant stories and amazing pictures is definitely something we enjoy!


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Our Adventures This Week #23

Well it has been one heck of a week! We have been trying to something everyday this week to take advantage of the great weather we are having. I do think we managed rather well in this department. I must warn you though this is a photo heavy post!

We started the week with Easter Sunday where we had arranged an Easter egg hunt for D at home. (This one included chocolate!) I had decided we where doing one very last minute after the fun D had on Saturday at the MAC egg hunt. After which we made some masks for D to wear (Myself and Daddy wore one too).

Monday we headed into the city centre for an 'Easter festival' we had actually done this last year but i must admit this years was brilliant, there was something for everyone to do! D was too young for some of it and had no interest in others but we visited some bunnies and sheep before getting his photo taken with Captain America! After which we played with the bean bags ( They where really for story time but kids will be kids and they enjoyed it more anyway!) We headed for coffee while we waited on the photo. We finished the day with some balloons and headed home

On Tuesday we went swimming again! D is getting more confident in the water and did his best to get away from me the whole time! I am really surprised at this as we have never taught D how to swim or went to lessons. In fact D hated the swimming pool up until a few weeks ago and this was only the second time we had went since!

Wednesday was a rather more relaxed day as we just headed to the park with Daddy and D's Aunt where we played for an hour or so before heading home to spend the day playing with D's toys.

When Thursday came it was really warm, too warm to attempt a 9 mile walk with a toddler in a pram! So we decided that this week we would only go to Nannies and take D to feed the ducks! We also climbed a small tree (D did with a bit of help!) discovered a stream, played dinosaurs trying to eat Nanny and had a look at some lovely flowers!

Yesterday we got the front garden sorted out for summer. We cut the grass and spent the day relaxing in it while D had fun with bubbles, trucks, toys and his ball pit!

Finally (at last, Sorry about that!) Today we are off to collect new swimming things and to see Nanny and D's aunts before she goes on holiday! (lucky her!!)

How was you week and more importantly how has your weather been?
Tuesday, 7 April 2015

D at 25 Months

We have been having trouble the last few months with getting D to talk to us properly, he would say anything you wanted him to say, so long as you asked him to. He refused to speak to us in sentences and would on voluntarily say yes, no, dummie, yum yum or doggies. I had started to really worry about him suddenly veering off his developmental track. Well as it turns out I had nothing to worry about he seems to have been absorbing  a lot of information during his refusal to talk.

We had been out on Saturday doing an egg hunt with D where you had to go find the clue and get a letter, once you are done your need to unscramble the letters to complete the word. While we where finding the clues shaped as eggs D was very good at finding where the letters where on the card and even recognised S  and make the sssss sound to match! You can read about our Egg Hunt here.

After we had finished our egg hunt we went to meet some of D's aunts who were running a bit late and we ended up waiting beside a shop where D stood looking very intently at the signs in the window. After a little why he tried to say some of the letters and sounds while pointing to each one although he was rather unsuccessful he knew they didn't sound right. once we had arrived home he went straight into the kitchen and used his Leap Frog Alphabet Bus and tried all the letters until he found one he could say and boy was I surprised he could make a few of the sounds perfectly!

D can recognise and make the phonic sounds of ;

  • S

  • E

  • I

  • A

  • H

  • B

This month D discovered the stars! He was out our back with me and daddy enjoying the summer night as it was too warm and we where waiting on the living room cooling down a bit when he started pointing to the sky and say star!! he was very proud of himself and excited to know he was right.

D has now mastered the art of getting himself dressed too! no more getting stuck at his nappy, he is also starting to pick out his own clothes and will bring the ones he wants to wear to you just to check they match after he had gotten a jumper and shorts to wear when it was raining! Although to give him credit he also got his wellies to wear.

D is starting to also try to copy words myself, Daddy or Scout say when we read a story to him.

It has been a month full of learning this month again, we have all learnt that D knows what he is doing and he will do what he needs to do to learn the way he wants!

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