Saturday, 28 March 2015

Our Adventures this week #22

I'm not sure what happened this week,  I seem to have lost a day somewhere between last Saturday and Tuesday.  I only realised this on Tuesday night when I went to write Tuesday's post hence why it was posted on Wednesday instead.  I still think I am a day behind however I do know what we have done everyday which makes me think I'm going a bit crazy.

This week we had a more relaxed week with much more family time than the last few.

We spent Monday we took a nice long walk to get a few things in town. We stopped and had a nice coffee and lunch before we came back home and had a lovely dinner and desert we had picked up while we were out.

On Tuesday we mostly spent the day playing with D and his toys,  we tried to make a fort but failed so we will have to work on that this week! 

Wednesday we spent the day with D and daddy playing games while I cleaned the house and generally tidied everything properly.  We also made our Easter nests which you can read about here.

On Thursday daddy finally got to see the doctor at his appointment and myself and D went to visit Granda and Granny before going to his aunties for the reminder of the day and heading home.

Yesterday we had lunch out and D was amazingly good the whole time!  The rest of the day we watched Tv and movies together

How has your week been


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