Saturday, 7 March 2015

Our Adventures This Week #19

This week we have reached a big milestone,  D turned 2! I can't really believe it's been 2 years since he was born. I still remember holding him in my arms the first time and thinking "he's so perfect! "

This week has been busy to say the least!  We started preparing for D's party on Monday by making his birthday cake.  We made a simple sponge cake with jam and butter cream inside.  We had lots more fun decorating the cake in icing! I was very proud of how the cake turned out!

It was a massive improvement on last year where it all went a bit wrong. (oppps!) Making the cake took up most of the day and we managed to multi-task making dinner during the end process of the cake. I love cake, making and eating them. I feel it is important to make Birthday cakes special,  filled with love and to make them fun. They may never be perfect but I know I have made them, I know what is in them, how fresh it is and most of all I know what D likes in regards to cake. He can taste it before we decorate it so we know if he likes it! (He usually does).

On Tuesday we had to go shopping and pick up the last bits for the party's. We tried to make it a quick shopping trip but as usual it took around 2 - 2 1/2 hours which was fine. We spent the rest of the day baking cupcakes and making runny fudge and butter cream.  We only made 24 cupcakes, it took all day! The fudge tasted a bit more like Carmel but it was really nice!

Wednesday came and it was D's birthday!  We went out and had lunch just us three to celebrate before we had lots of food to make. Everyone soon arrived and the party started. We got great compliments about our cupcakes!  Everyone seemed to have fun playing,  eating, talking and being together.  The day was a huge success and D really enjoyed himself. He even got so tired he went to bed early.

Thursday was family visiting day and party number 2. We visited granda's and granny. We brought cupcakes to choose from and got to see everyone. We eventually made it to nannies. Nanny finds it too hard to get to our house so we brought a mini party to her and some other family members.  We brought cupcakes, cake, sweets, crisps etc for them to enjoy. D got to open more presents and blow out more candles! He even managed to blow out both at the same time! After a long few days we had an early night.

On Friday we had planned to relax, it didn't quite go to plan! We ended up with Daddy and D going to nannies for a few hours while I helped out a friend for a few hours.  I had forgotten how a few hours without D and Daddy really feels. Everything was a doodle. I actually felt very relaxed.  I enjoy doing something more than just sitting around alone!

Today is going to be our relaxing day which is very much deserved I think!

How was your week?
Share your adventures with us below, we love hearing from you!


  1. Aw it only seems like yesterday my two were this is now 9 and my eldest is 11 in July! It really does go too fast,

    Stevie x

  2. Wow! I can't imagine D being 9! Time really does fly.


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