Thursday, 12 March 2015

Letters to D...

Dear D,
      Your now a big 2 years old, how fast time has gone by. It has been the happiest,   most wonderful time of mine and daddy's lives. I was lying in bed on Wednesday morning waiting for you to wake up while remembering our first day together.  The first time I held you nothing mattered. You where healthy and you where here. It was a long moment of pure happiness,  since that day you have brought unconditional love and happiness that can only be given by a child.

Every day we grow together,  all three of us learn and change everyday.  we are all enjoying every moment together as a family.

Your personality has been showing up lately. I think your always going to strive to be the funny one! Every thing you do is funny. (even when it's naughty!) You have got a laugh nobody can resist joining.

You are the happiest child I have met. You wake up smiling and go back to bed smiling! You like to be happy and to make other people happy in any way you can. I hope you continue to be an advisory for happiness!

Mummy x


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