Tuesday, 10 March 2015

D at 24 Months

D turned two last Wednesday! I honestly don't know where the time goes.

This month D has been learning about reading and how to read. I am pretty convinced that he knows a lot about reading but that he doesn't know how to change word's he sees in a book into words. He will get anything with writing (especially bus tickets! ) and will sit down while concentrates on pointing to each word. D now enjoys pointing to the words on each page while I read them. I have noticed that D also loves to point out all the things he can see in the picture. However he prefers to point out useful things like light switches, doors, clocks etc.

D has also been learning about his letters, he looks through all the letters we are using and points to the one he thinks is right. He is not always right but he really tries.

D's speech is still growing, most of what he says is very clear now. He regularly goes to a corner and talks to himself! His vocabulary is growing every day as he learns new words.

This month D has also been learning about colours again, D could say a lot of colours but was finding it hard to recognise the colours. D can now recognise;
Yellow -new
Orange -new
Brown -new
D loves telling us what colour he can see when we are out.

D has also decided he loves to sing and dance! Although D prefers to dance to the Beetle juice songs than any other. He has some very good dance moves! We all love singing songs together and our favourites are
Swing low, sweet chariot
Sing a song of sixpence
Hush little baby.
D sings along with la la la. We have noticed D has amazing sense of rhythm and will regularly play his drums or piano to a rhythm we now think is in his head. If for any reason the rhythm isn't right then he stops and starts again!

It has been a great month of learning, growing, turning two and dancing!


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