Thursday, 19 March 2015

A Trip To The Museum

On mothers day we took a little trip to the museum.  D has been before but he was only a few months old, he slept most of the time we where there too. I had not been to the museum since that day and it's all changed!

I must admit I was very excited about going (yes, I am rather boring) and discovering everything with D. Now that D understands most things we thought it was a nice time to start going to places me and daddy love or loved as children,  this museum is one of those.

D walked into the giant room which connects everything and is the entrance hall of the museum and just ran! There was so much space with nothing in it. The magnitude of the room was never something I had noticed before,  there's usually dinosaurs or animal cardboard cut outs hanging from the ceilings.

It didn't take us long to discover the dinosaurs!  D loves dinosaurs especially making them talk to each other by roars. We all had a very long look at the dinosaurs, we felt them and D had a little chat with one too! (Not that it had anything to say! )

Something I do remember from our last visit is these beautiful insects,  it's amazing what nature has to offer! I am not entirely sure but I somehow think I seen these insects as a child. (In this museum)

As we progressed through this first section we marvelled at so many beautiful and amazing items rich in our history.  The museum even has a pair of Louis Vuitton's!

The next section we visited is a favourite of mine, it's a room filled with many different objects and activities to discover.  Most of the object in this room are touchable,  you can feel animal skins, wear masks from  centuries ago,  try on old fashioned shoes, do jigsaw puzzles, use computer activities about history,  look at old fashioned toys some you can play with.  I remember playing In here as a child! I must admit not much has changed. This room made me feel very old, they have a set of Bratz dolls a toy my younger sister's used to play with!  Here's our discovery pictures.

After a good play with anything D was interested in we headed to the next level which contains  items from The Troubles in Northern Ireland and some World War items which was where daddy disappeared!  He loves the wars and could have looked around this part of the museum all day.

Next up was animals, mostly arctic and Irish animals. There was a bear and some pigs that D took an amazing interest in. He kept going back to look at them!

We discovered this amazing animal, a giant deer while we where looking at the bear.

We also discovered this amazing wolf! Here's some pictures of this area.

After a bit more walking we discovered under the sea! Here's what we found.

The next section was all about the elements and technology.  A very interesting walk around and so much was learnt by us all!

The final two rooms contained would war enlistment posters and The Spanish Inquisition before we headed out to lunch!

We had an amazing time at the museum,  D was so interested in at least one thing in every room and loved to look at everything while we told him about it!


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