Saturday, 28 March 2015

Our Adventures this week #22

I'm not sure what happened this week,  I seem to have lost a day somewhere between last Saturday and Tuesday.  I only realised this on Tuesday night when I went to write Tuesday's post hence why it was posted on Wednesday instead.  I still think I am a day behind however I do know what we have done everyday which makes me think I'm going a bit crazy.

This week we had a more relaxed week with much more family time than the last few.

We spent Monday we took a nice long walk to get a few things in town. We stopped and had a nice coffee and lunch before we came back home and had a lovely dinner and desert we had picked up while we were out.

On Tuesday we mostly spent the day playing with D and his toys,  we tried to make a fort but failed so we will have to work on that this week! 

Wednesday we spent the day with D and daddy playing games while I cleaned the house and generally tidied everything properly.  We also made our Easter nests which you can read about here.

On Thursday daddy finally got to see the doctor at his appointment and myself and D went to visit Granda and Granny before going to his aunties for the reminder of the day and heading home.

Yesterday we had lunch out and D was amazingly good the whole time!  The rest of the day we watched Tv and movies together

How has your week been
Thursday, 26 March 2015

Let's Get Baking - Chocolate Nests

With Easter fast approaching there's going to be a lot of chocolate. Coming from a big family we got a Lot of Easter egg's which usually ended up leaving a lot of chocolate left over. So every year we would make chocolate nests.

I must say that this is the funnest and easiest recipe  to make.

All you need is:
Chocolate about 100g
Bun cases
Cereal- rice crispies, cornflakes or shredded wheat.
Mini eggs or something similar


Simply melt the chocolate over a pot or in the microwave in 15 second bursts

Once melted add the cereal, add a decent amount of cereal and mix until all the cereal is generously covered.

Once covered you can use the spoon to fill the bun cases.


Add the eggs on top and allow to dry.

That's it! Enjoy!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Review- Fisher Price Little People Bath Puzzles

If you follow our blog you will know D loves puzzles,  any type of puzzle keeps him happy. Puzzles for D's age are very easy for him to do. Even when we are out he will choose a puzzle for 3+ and he's good at doing them!

The Fisher Price Little People Bath Puzzles come in a round zip closed container/bag. The bag contains 4 puzzles; one 2 piece puzzle, two 3 piece puzzle and one 4 piece puzzle. Each puzzle is a picture of a Little People character(s) playing a sport or doing an activity outside.


The Fisher Price Little People bath puzzles are for age 3+, however this does appear to be the age range in which D enjoys his puzzles to be. There are some puzzles he can do alone completely like these Fisher Price ones, D will look at the puzzle pieces and pick two he thinks match. That is not always the case as many are similar characters.


He is very good at matching the puzzle with 2 pieces.


He still has a challenge with the 4 piece puzzle, now that doesn't say much as the first time we used the puzzles I thought I had lost pieces! The 4 piece puzzle has 2 Little People characters playing with bubbles, every other puzzle has one.

I love the fact that the Fisher Price Little People bath puzzles are made from a foam material which enables the puzzles to float,  the foam used is amazing, they take a lot of force to push them under the water which is very helpful and important to enable a child to completed the puzzles on top of the water!


The foam also plays a very big roll in attaching the puzzles to the sides of the bath and the tiles. At the start of D using the puzzles I wasn't convinced they would stick very well to a wet surface while also being wet themselves,  I must say it does work very well. So well that many times once the puzzles are drying they seem to hold some of the suction and can remain on the tiles until D's next bath always within a day or two. 


The pictures on the  puzzles are also waterproof and  seems to be very robust,  D loves to play 'crashing ducks' in the bath which involves a few plastic ducks who crash in to everything in their way usually this is the puzzles.  The puzzles have no marks, fading, tears or any other damage in the few months we have used them.


The puzzles lose their own water as they dry out and thier bag contains two holes at the bottom for the water to drain from.  The puzzles do only take a few hours to dry when not attached to the bath and can be safely stored in their own bag to keep out bacteria,  dust and any thing else you wouldn't want your child to play with or have in their bath.

I must say the Fisher Price Little People Bath Puzzles have a very welcome addition to our bath time. I would recommend these to any puzzle loving child who can complete age 3+ puzzles.

All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Saturday, 21 March 2015

Our Adventures This Week #21

Boy this week has been a whirl wind! We had lovely weather all week and tried to take advantage of it as much as possible! We tried to get out every day. 

Sunday was mother's day, I hope all you mothers had a great day! We had decided to go visit a museum.  This is my idea of a great day. You can read about our visit here. After our trip we came home and I had dinner made for me! A very very rare occurrence. To finish the day we all watched a family film before bedtime.

When Monday came we had to go do our shopping trip as it would be very busy on Tuesday.  We managed to get half finished when D started to sneeze, repeatedly for 5 minutes. D thought he was hilarious but we quickly left that shop. By Monday night D looked sick, he had dark rings around his eyes,  too hot and too cold all the time and coughing and sneezing. 

By Tuesday morning D was still sick with a pretty bad cold but he just didn't seem to care. We avoided the parade for St Patrick's Day that we had planned to attend and instead went to visit Nanny. We had a great day together. 

Wednesday was the only day we hadn't planned to go anywhere but in the end we went for a lovely long walk in the sunshine.  With the rest of the day day reserved for playing!

Thursday was as usual a day for visiting family. We had other plans but they had got cancelled so we went off to visit nanny again and we all enjoyed ourselves. 

Friday was spent relaxing,  although the weather wasn't bad yesterday it wasn't all that warm or sunny so we spent the day indoors.

Today we have took a little walk and now plan on doing not very much! 

We hope you all enjoyed this week as much as we have!
Thursday, 19 March 2015

A Trip To The Museum

On mothers day we took a little trip to the museum.  D has been before but he was only a few months old, he slept most of the time we where there too. I had not been to the museum since that day and it's all changed!

I must admit I was very excited about going (yes, I am rather boring) and discovering everything with D. Now that D understands most things we thought it was a nice time to start going to places me and daddy love or loved as children,  this museum is one of those.

D walked into the giant room which connects everything and is the entrance hall of the museum and just ran! There was so much space with nothing in it. The magnitude of the room was never something I had noticed before,  there's usually dinosaurs or animal cardboard cut outs hanging from the ceilings.

It didn't take us long to discover the dinosaurs!  D loves dinosaurs especially making them talk to each other by roars. We all had a very long look at the dinosaurs, we felt them and D had a little chat with one too! (Not that it had anything to say! )

Something I do remember from our last visit is these beautiful insects,  it's amazing what nature has to offer! I am not entirely sure but I somehow think I seen these insects as a child. (In this museum)

As we progressed through this first section we marvelled at so many beautiful and amazing items rich in our history.  The museum even has a pair of Louis Vuitton's!

The next section we visited is a favourite of mine, it's a room filled with many different objects and activities to discover.  Most of the object in this room are touchable,  you can feel animal skins, wear masks from  centuries ago,  try on old fashioned shoes, do jigsaw puzzles, use computer activities about history,  look at old fashioned toys some you can play with.  I remember playing In here as a child! I must admit not much has changed. This room made me feel very old, they have a set of Bratz dolls a toy my younger sister's used to play with!  Here's our discovery pictures.

After a good play with anything D was interested in we headed to the next level which contains  items from The Troubles in Northern Ireland and some World War items which was where daddy disappeared!  He loves the wars and could have looked around this part of the museum all day.

Next up was animals, mostly arctic and Irish animals. There was a bear and some pigs that D took an amazing interest in. He kept going back to look at them!

We discovered this amazing animal, a giant deer while we where looking at the bear.

We also discovered this amazing wolf! Here's some pictures of this area.

After a bit more walking we discovered under the sea! Here's what we found.

The next section was all about the elements and technology.  A very interesting walk around and so much was learnt by us all!

The final two rooms contained would war enlistment posters and The Spanish Inquisition before we headed out to lunch!

We had an amazing time at the museum,  D was so interested in at least one thing in every room and loved to look at everything while we told him about it!
Tuesday, 17 March 2015

What We're Reading - Daddy Pig's Old Chair

I am assuming you all know who peppa pig is? If not, can I come stay with you for a while?! I am sure we have all heard and watched Peppa Pig. D started to enjoy Peppa Pig a month or two ago, Since then everything has been Peppa Pig!

At the start of this month we found a Peppa Pig book while out doing our shopping. I must say it was an instant hit with D. Daddy pig's old chair is a story about the school roof needing fixed which they raise the money to fix it by having a jumble sale. Everyone brings something to sell and daddy pigs old chair was given by mummy pig. Which he buys back for lots of money!  We have managed to read Daddy pig's old chair every 2 days! I can recite each page without looking now.

As can be expected with Peppa Pig, there is a very appropriate amount of reading per page. There are usually 2 sentences per page.

What I didn't expect was for D to notice the small everyday objects throughout the book. I hadn't even noticed at first!  The illustrations in the book are simple but very accurate. Each page has something you can find that isn't talked about in the story. Everyday objects or objects we would expect to find in the setting on that page!  D loves to find these on each page. He first found the light switch on the first day we had the book. He regularly points to it and says 'light!' D also loves to pretend to turn the light on with it!

We both have the same favourite page. The jumble sale  page. It's full of lots of items and people.  You can ask D to find any object or person on this page if given a good amount of time he can find it! I love doing this with D, he gets so proud of himself for finding them!

All in all I would say this has to be our most favourite book. D has learnt so much from this book and is recognising items around our house and when we are out that he finds in the book. D also likes to follow the words in the book while I read and will find the objects I am reading about when I say them reading the story! I would definitely recommend Daddy pig's old chair for teaching and learning about awareness of the world and everyday items.

Daddy pigs old chair retails for £4.79 and is available on Amazon.
Saturday, 14 March 2015

Our Adventures This Week #20

This week has been very much different to last week.  We have been able to relax a little more than last week.

On Monday we got to go clothes shopping!  D got some money for his birthday and with that we got him a good amount of clothing suitable for spring/summer time.  As D is still too small for 2-3 years it will be another while before he can wear most of it. Which is why it's mostly summer clothing.

Tuesday was eventful for Daddy and D. Tuesday evening was the first time on almost a year that Daddy and D spent a few hours just them so that mummy could have a break (well I was doing some work for a friend). It went better than I thought it would but in the end it made Daddy very ill. So it will probably be another year before we try again. 

Wednesday was the only day we all stayed in the house playing games and dancing around together. Having a nice relaxing day!

Thursday was our weekly long walk and family visiting time. D can now tell us how to get there from half way! 

On Friday daddy went back to nanny's while me and D stayed at home tiding up the house.

Today we spent the day going to D's other nanny's for a while and coming home.

How many adventures have you had this week?
Thursday, 12 March 2015

Letters to D...

Dear D,
      Your now a big 2 years old, how fast time has gone by. It has been the happiest,   most wonderful time of mine and daddy's lives. I was lying in bed on Wednesday morning waiting for you to wake up while remembering our first day together.  The first time I held you nothing mattered. You where healthy and you where here. It was a long moment of pure happiness,  since that day you have brought unconditional love and happiness that can only be given by a child.

Every day we grow together,  all three of us learn and change everyday.  we are all enjoying every moment together as a family.

Your personality has been showing up lately. I think your always going to strive to be the funny one! Every thing you do is funny. (even when it's naughty!) You have got a laugh nobody can resist joining.

You are the happiest child I have met. You wake up smiling and go back to bed smiling! You like to be happy and to make other people happy in any way you can. I hope you continue to be an advisory for happiness!

Mummy x
Tuesday, 10 March 2015

D at 24 Months

D turned two last Wednesday! I honestly don't know where the time goes.

This month D has been learning about reading and how to read. I am pretty convinced that he knows a lot about reading but that he doesn't know how to change word's he sees in a book into words. He will get anything with writing (especially bus tickets! ) and will sit down while concentrates on pointing to each word. D now enjoys pointing to the words on each page while I read them. I have noticed that D also loves to point out all the things he can see in the picture. However he prefers to point out useful things like light switches, doors, clocks etc.

D has also been learning about his letters, he looks through all the letters we are using and points to the one he thinks is right. He is not always right but he really tries.

D's speech is still growing, most of what he says is very clear now. He regularly goes to a corner and talks to himself! His vocabulary is growing every day as he learns new words.

This month D has also been learning about colours again, D could say a lot of colours but was finding it hard to recognise the colours. D can now recognise;
Yellow -new
Orange -new
Brown -new
D loves telling us what colour he can see when we are out.

D has also decided he loves to sing and dance! Although D prefers to dance to the Beetle juice songs than any other. He has some very good dance moves! We all love singing songs together and our favourites are
Swing low, sweet chariot
Sing a song of sixpence
Hush little baby.
D sings along with la la la. We have noticed D has amazing sense of rhythm and will regularly play his drums or piano to a rhythm we now think is in his head. If for any reason the rhythm isn't right then he stops and starts again!

It has been a great month of learning, growing, turning two and dancing!
Saturday, 7 March 2015

Our Adventures This Week #19

This week we have reached a big milestone,  D turned 2! I can't really believe it's been 2 years since he was born. I still remember holding him in my arms the first time and thinking "he's so perfect! "

This week has been busy to say the least!  We started preparing for D's party on Monday by making his birthday cake.  We made a simple sponge cake with jam and butter cream inside.  We had lots more fun decorating the cake in icing! I was very proud of how the cake turned out!

It was a massive improvement on last year where it all went a bit wrong. (oppps!) Making the cake took up most of the day and we managed to multi-task making dinner during the end process of the cake. I love cake, making and eating them. I feel it is important to make Birthday cakes special,  filled with love and to make them fun. They may never be perfect but I know I have made them, I know what is in them, how fresh it is and most of all I know what D likes in regards to cake. He can taste it before we decorate it so we know if he likes it! (He usually does).

On Tuesday we had to go shopping and pick up the last bits for the party's. We tried to make it a quick shopping trip but as usual it took around 2 - 2 1/2 hours which was fine. We spent the rest of the day baking cupcakes and making runny fudge and butter cream.  We only made 24 cupcakes, it took all day! The fudge tasted a bit more like Carmel but it was really nice!

Wednesday came and it was D's birthday!  We went out and had lunch just us three to celebrate before we had lots of food to make. Everyone soon arrived and the party started. We got great compliments about our cupcakes!  Everyone seemed to have fun playing,  eating, talking and being together.  The day was a huge success and D really enjoyed himself. He even got so tired he went to bed early.

Thursday was family visiting day and party number 2. We visited granda's and granny. We brought cupcakes to choose from and got to see everyone. We eventually made it to nannies. Nanny finds it too hard to get to our house so we brought a mini party to her and some other family members.  We brought cupcakes, cake, sweets, crisps etc for them to enjoy. D got to open more presents and blow out more candles! He even managed to blow out both at the same time! After a long few days we had an early night.

On Friday we had planned to relax, it didn't quite go to plan! We ended up with Daddy and D going to nannies for a few hours while I helped out a friend for a few hours.  I had forgotten how a few hours without D and Daddy really feels. Everything was a doodle. I actually felt very relaxed.  I enjoy doing something more than just sitting around alone!

Today is going to be our relaxing day which is very much deserved I think!

How was your week?
Share your adventures with us below, we love hearing from you!
Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Review - Dettol Products

I distinctly remember my mum using dettol when I was a child, a strong bleach smell always followed it's use. I am not entirely sure if it was the dettol or my mum also using bleach after. Neither scenario filled me with confidence. I would watch the advert for dettol telling the TV and anyone who would listen that there was bleach in it! Why would anyone use it on children's belongings? When the Dettol surface cleaner and E45 hand wash arrived I was very apprehensive about using the surface spray.

I wasn't quite prepared for there to be no smell at all! It does say on the bottle there is no smell and no bleach but I didn't really believe that could be true.

I was very reserved about using the surface spray the first time. I sprayed a few sprays on the counter and couldn't believe that the only thing I could smell was clean air! No smell of food, bleach or artificial fragrances. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised and even more so when I had finished cleaning the counter with 2-3 sprays instead of completely cleaning the counters more than twice! We definitely put the surface spray through it's paces and tested how effective it is with spilt baking ingredients and mixtures while we prepared for D's birthday! It just picked everything up from the counter. Where baking with D would usually call for a good deal of kitchen paper and elbow grease we had cleared away everything in a few minutes!

I was still worried about using the surface spray to clean D's highchair. The tray contains hundreds of tiny bumps which seem to be there for the sole purpose of catching dirt and keeping it there! With one spray I was able to clean the tray with no residue or everything sticking to those bumps.

I would definitely say every household needs a bottle of Dettol anti-bacterial surface spray, especially if you have children! We will definitely be getting this from now on.

We also received Dettol hand wash with E45 softness. Which my sister said we where very posh to have hand wash with E45? I am not sure why she said this but it did make me laugh. (We have had moisturising hand wash before. She must not have visited during those times! ) we started using the hand wash immediately and certainly noticed a difference. It smells define! A mixture of E45 cream and soap and glory moisturiser. (A favourite of mine!) I noticed that my hands still felt soft at the end of the day eliminating the use of hand cream. Northern Ireland is notorious for our temperamental weather, my granny always says 'it's the only place you can all 4 season's in one day!' With that we tend to experience dry skin especially on our hands. The hand wash did stop our hands from drying out without any other products!

We also received a little booklet with some bacterial facts. Upon reading the booklet I was horrified and went on a rather large cleaning frenzy!
"Areas where children eat have worse levels of bacteria than toilet handles"

"When you wash at temperatures below 60°C , bacteria can survive and transfer between garments in the wash"

" Bath plug hole contains 119,468 bacteria per square inch."


Each page contains tips on how to reduce and prevent bacteria growth.

Disclaimer: We received these products for an honest review, all opinions are my own. This review is to support our Post about Dettol's baby blanket donation campaign

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