Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Review - Vanish Gold

As a parent I quickly realised during weaning that D's lovely clothes where going to get stained. During weaning many of them ended up with big orange stains anywhere he could get them. Before we moved on to homemade foods I was throwing clothing away because I just couldn't get the stains out. Now that D is a toddler stains on clothes have become an everyday day occurrence, many times I can't even tell you what the stain is. Although I must admit D has developed a knack for stains that are next to impossible to get out! Anything white he owns will manage to get stained by chocolate,  orange sauces, strawberries or gravy. What I find most interesting is many of the stains happen after he has worn the clothing!

It's frustrating when clothes get stains we just can't get out, I spend more time removing the stains than it does in the washing machine. I am sure by now we have all seen the adverts for Vanish Gold, you know the one I am talking about with the big gold timer and the white pieces of fabric that are stained then magically they're not.  I too was very sceptical. I mean come on who really believes that wasn't just new fabric placed during filming?

D got this lovely top below for Christmas.

3 hours into the day D managed to stain the top with chocolate,  I wasn't worried as chocolate is an easy stain to remove. Once D had gone to bed I gave it a good scrub and popped it in the washing machine.

It should have worked,  but it didn't remove any part of the stain it was slightly lighter,  nothing else changed. Chocolate usually comes off but this time it just refused to! I stuck to it trying and trying to remove the stain. The top was washed around 10 times in a month and a half. The stain however never changed. I had thought about throwing it out, but he had only wore it once and I couldn't find the top again. So I tried every way I could find online, asking family and pure elbow grease.

In the end we seen Vanish Gold while shopping a few weeks ago and decided to try it (it had to do something to the stain, right?). It took a few days to get round to cleaning the top again.  I followed all the directions, I put 1/4 powder into the cup, I added 3/4 of warm water and stirred with my finger (not on the instructions) and poured over the stain. I counted to thirty and expected to do this all again for longer. After 30 seconds I rinsed the top under warm water and looked at the stains. The advert didn't lie! They had vanished. (No pun intended) I actually remember just staring in shock at the top over the sink, I really hadn't expected it to work at all never mind in 30 seconds! I had spent over a month trying to remove the stain and it happened in 30 seconds. I did also add a half scoop to the wash for all other clothing I was washing. Vanish Gold removes everything, I have started adding it to all of our washes and all of our clothes look new. Not only are we stain free on all our clothing,  they're brighter and softer (not sure how that works).

Do you have a stubborn stain? Try Vanish Gold and you really will be amazed at how fast the stain disappears.


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