Saturday, 28 February 2015

Our Adventures This Week #17

This week has not been as busy as the last few. We have had more time to spend together learning,  playing games and be generally together.

This week we spent Monday playing games,  dancing, cooking together and talking about our colours and numbers. It was definitely a day of much needed family time together!

Tuesday was mostly spent watching a few films that we like. After we had dinner we all helped tidy up downstairs with D playing his tidy up games and helping in all the ways he knows how to.

On Wednesday we baked our doughnut biscuits which was a LOT of fun! You can find our post in our Lets Get Baking category. We very much enjoyed the tasting part of baking. After a quick tidy up. We sat down and planned what we will be baking for D's birthday party. Which we are very excited about!

Thursday we visited Granda and had a little browse around some shops before we came home and made dinner together and relaxed before bed.

Yesterday we finally got D's toys sorted out (That took a while! ) and moved some toys around with more ending up in the living room.  However D already knows what toys go where when we put them away!

How has your week been? Did you have any adventures? Tell us about them in the comments,  we love hearing from you.


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