Sunday, 22 February 2015

Our Adventures This Week #16

I said last week I wanted to get back into our posting routine, however it has been a busy week and I have not had time to sit down and write our Thursday post to my satisfaction. 

Monday was a day of washing and sorting toys out into what needs to go to a charity shop. With D's birthday coming up we need to clear a few toys that he isn't playing with out.  It didn't go well. D knows that putting things into a bag means they are going to a bin or out of the house.

The process of putting toys in the bag worked out to be we put a toy in, D took the toy out and put it back in the toy box. Eventually we gave up. I will have to go up next week and do it myself then sneak the toys out!

On Tuesday we had to go shopping which went amazingly well considering D usually just runs around the shops. He got in the trolly and happily helped put shopping in behind him. D is becoming more opinionated now. There where a few items he was desperately trying to get out of the trolly that he didn't want, such as cheese. I'm not sure why he didn't want to get cheese as he loves it.  After shopping Daddy had a trip to the dentist which was postponed after half an hour of waiting.

Daddy did go to the dentist again on Wednesday and will be going back next week to hopefully get his crowns put on (fingers crossed!). Wednesday evening we spent making dinner together and reading some books to D before bath and bed time.

It was an early start on Thursday we had to meet D's aunt who walked with us to Granny's house where we stayed for around an hour before setting off to see Granda and the toys at his work (I am still convinced this is why D gets excited, to see the toys! ). After a short stay we made our long walk to Nannies house where we stay for a few hours before heading home to have dinner and get ready for bed. ( All of us went to bed early!)

Friday morning was early for us too, we had to go meet D's aunt to help her go shopping for bits she needed for her house which she has moved into! (Yay!) I must admit when I agreed to the shopping I didn't think there was as much as there was needed. After a good few hours shopping we helped her get it all back to the house and headed to nanny's again to collect the shopping we forgot on Thursday. By the time we got home it was again dinner, bath then bed.

We slept in on Saturday and had to rush around to get ready to meet D's other aunt before going to his other nannies for the day.


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