Saturday, 7 February 2015

Our Adventures This Week #14

It's been a long week, containing a good amount of adventures and lots of shopping!  It all really started on Monday with getting the downstairs decluttering started. We are still working on our wishes, which I have to say is a great change from last year when we had already given up on the resolutions! We cleared out the bathroom of all the bath and shower items that we don't use or got the previous Christmas that I forgot I had put away (we always end up with a LOT of them). We had time to do the living room too.  Which now leaves the kitchen and D's room so we are getting there and hopefully will have soon completed our first new years wish. (It's rather exciting! ) speaking of new year wishes I have now lost another stone and can comfortably fit in a size 16 bottoms and 14 tops! Walking is becoming easier and easier plus I am finding I have more energy than I did before.

Tuesday was a trip to the dentist where we found out that D has 12 teeth and is currently getting another 4! It came as a bit of a shock because D has been so good and has only been finding it had to stay awake without a nap during the day which is then pushing bed time back. After the dentist we did our grocery shopping before a lovely family film after dinner.

On Wednesday we went swimming with one of D's aunt's and his cousin along with her friend and their little girl. I was really apprehensive about swimming, the last time we went D cried for 20 minutes until we left the pool. I was pleasantly surprised when D got in ready to go with his new arm bands and away he went trying to swim around the baby pool with his feet on the floor. He even enjoyed being in the bigger pool and was able to allow me to let go (so long as he didn't see both my hands at the same time). It didn't take long before he learnt that to move he had to kick his legs. The only problem came when it was time to leave and he wouldn't accept that the pool was closed! We will definitely be making swimming a regular thing now.

Thursday morning was the earliest this week (D was not pleased!). We had to go shopping, with the first item being a new pram which is arriving today! Then clothes shopping, I have to say I have never met a child who loves clothes shopping as much as D. We are not allowed to buy anything D has not given a 'hug test' which he gets very excited about! We must look a bit strange with D being shown any clothes for his or us and he sits very happily hugging each then either holding it up to us or putting it behind him! But whatever keeps him happy and occupied from crying or wanting to run around is definitely a plus! We will be sharing some of our finds next week.

Yesterday was spent visiting granda and a lovely walk to get a few things I forgot about on Thursday (oops! ) we also seen D's aunt who played with D for a while before work then another film for us all before bed time.

How has your week been?


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