Tuesday, 3 February 2015

D at... 23 Months

I can't quite figure out what happened to January! It just disappeared and seems to have took with it the snow we experienced at the end.

Tomorrow D will be 23 months, the past month has been a learning experience for myself and Daddy. D has grown,  learnt and developed some new habits.

D can now put his own t-shirts on, meaning that the only part of getting himself dressed D can't do is putting his socks on. However he is really trying and will sit on the floor taking his socks off to try to put them back on. D loves to get dressed now and even has an opinion as to what he wears! If we put on something he doesn't like (even socks!) He will take them off and go find something else to put on or give to us to put on. Apparently my clothing choices for D are not all that loved by D.

D has started to use actions to explain things this month.  The only problem is the action usually has nothing to with the words he is saying!  It probably looks very strange to everyone we see! He has decided that the appropriate action to words should be;
Yes - to point up and then look up
No - to point at you
Why - to roll his eyes at you (Yes really! )
Some actions do make sense and are appropriate.
Rawr - he puts his arms up like a dinosaur
Bed time - he pretends to sleep and snore
Getting dressed - he will put his arms straight up until you take his top off.
I am pretty sure D knows that the actions don't match what he wants as I occasionally find him giggling as daddy is getting what he wants!

D is starting to love dinosaurs and cars. He will regularly be found playing with both, especially the dinosaurs. They have very long conversations with the word Rawr,  watching D's expressions during his playing gives you a good indication of what he is thinking and will range from happy to angry to sad. Along with enjoying dinosaur play D has started to play with other children and seems to make friends anywhere and everywhere he can. He has made friends in the doctors waiting room,  in shops, restaurants and especially while we are walking. He will play any game so long as the other children show him how and seems to become somewhat attached when it's time to say bye to them. With his aunt and cousin he seems to want to play with them and not beside them. This seems to be a problem as they don't want to play with him just beside him, he is starting to adjust to this though.

The final change in D this month is his eating.  He has started to be fussy about what he will eat, things he loved a few weeks ago are not being touched. Our menu has gone from almost everything to a limited amount however fruit and veg are still top of the eating list along with meats and dairy products such as yogurt and cheese. However he will only eat one of the food groups at any given meal I have started to set everything separately at dinner time but he still only chooses one to eat. I really hope this is just a phase we will grow out of!


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