Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Review - Mega Bloks First Builders

Today we are looking at some of our favourite toys for the past month. D loves Mega Bloks and he has done since not long after he turned one and discovered we had some, he would sit daily with the blocks building and playing for as long as he wanted. I was really excited about getting more and what his reaction would be. We got D the Mega Bloks First Builders Super set which contains The Build n Learn Table, The Play n Go Waggon and a bag of 140 Mega Bloks.

I was quite surprised by the set when we opened it, for some reason I had thought it was just a table full of the little bumps that you use for the bloks (I am pretty sure this stemmed from an advert on TV) but it's not, the table has a little road that runs in a circled-square type shape the whole way around the table with all the little bumps ( I don't know what else to call them) along and around the road. The table is lower than what I imagined it would be even though we had used a tape measure to check height etc before buying, however the table is the perfect height for D to really see what he is doing when building in it and if he needs a different angle or view he simply sits down, he is still able to build and see what he is doing.

A great perk to the Build n Learn table I show compact and light it is! I'm sure many of us have seen the advert on TV for the tables and how easily they fold up to simply carry away? I honestly didn't really believe them about this, most toys we have got for that reason have been heavy, bulking and have a quite complicated locking system.The table is so easy to fold! you simply press together the two little clips like in this picture, push them down and the leg is free! To lock in place push the leg under the table and it will click into place. simple pull the leg to release and push up to lock back into position for play.

This option means that if like us you don't have space for the table to be up all the time it can simply be folded away and put under a bad, in a cupboard or many other small spaces. The folding element of the table was designed for travel its small enough when folded to slide into car boots or would even fit below your child's feet in the car meaning it can go with you to family and friends with very little effort. The Mega Bloks Build n Learn Table would be perfect to take on a short trip, camping or driving holiday with so little space needed it can keep your child entertained for hours, the only restriction is their imagination! (also running out of bloks!) Every thing you need to play including the little car and person for the road fits neatly inside the table under the four sections. you can fit a surprising amount of blocks under there if you slot them together. its super easy to remove the sections ( D can do it!) you just put the little X in the middle to match the one underneath and lift the section away from the middle of the table and the opposite to put it back, just ensure the corner is back in its little holder. 
The Play n Go Waggon is bigger than I thought it would be in height but surprisingly is still very light when filled with blocks. it holds an amazing amount of bloks in it! all of the 140 blocks with the set fit into the waggon and table when divided between the two. I expected to have lots of bloks left in the bag! D loves pulling the waggon about and will usually pull them over together and use the blocks in the waggon to build on the table. I love that the waggon itself has a little removable shelf that you can build on with the bloks. D hasn't quite figure this out and seems to think its a lid (we get shouted at if we build anything on it. I can't wait for warm weather now, so we can take them outside into the garden for D to play with.
A final perk with Mega Bloks I want to mention is that it all so easily cleaned! D was very clever a few weeks ago and built a big wall at the front of the blocks and had found a pink marker which he used to draw pictures on the table and our carpet while hiding behind the wall he made! It didn't take much time to remove and there is no marker left at all on the table (except on the sticker which I only noticed yesterday) sadly the same cannot be said for our carpet!
The Super set we are reviewing can be purchased at Argos, I have not seen it anywhere else. However all of these are available separately from many retailers such as Toys R Us, Smiths and other toy stores across the UK.


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