Saturday, 31 January 2015

Our Adventures This Week #13

This week we had two pretty big events, a few relaxing days and lots of family time with fun!

At the the start of the week Daddy got his tattoo, (finally!) He has been meaning to get D's name tattooed for over a year  now. He just hadn't got round to it but just before Christmas he started to look into it and booked his time and date. There is still one sitting to go to finish it. When it's finished I can hopefully share it. (Provided we can position it right!) D didn't notice for 3 days but now points to Daddies neck and has rawring competitions with the monster!

Monday and Tuesday where spent mostly relaxing and playing together as we had planned to be busy for the rest of the week. With baking, puzzles, films, toys, games and tickling. We had a lot of fun and I must admit our tech free time turned into almost 2 full days while D was awake.

Wednesday started with lots of playing and a little bit of cleaning, D helped out by playing his clean up games. Then it started to snow! (Yay!) Out we went in our pj's to feel the snow and look at it. Since the last time it snowed with rain mixed in was when D was about 1-2 months old (yes, it really snowed in March) he hadn't really experienced snow before,  D was fascinated and loved holding his hands out to catch the falling snow.  However the snow didn't lie and what did quickly turned to ice!

Wednesday night was our first big event Nannies Birthday. We had arranged to go out for dinner with the family and considering that only 2 other family members who aren't D's aunt's,  uncles, cousin or nanny and granda came we needed a 13 seat table. We eat lots of lovely food, laughed and talked for over 2 hours.  At one point D decided to try and escape.  One minute he was on the chair beside me, the next he wasn't.  I have to admit I panicked for a minute but he hadn't got to far just the other side of the wall (about 2-3 feet from us). D decided to take some selfies after everyone else did and he kept saying cheese! After that it was home time and still snowing.

On Thursday we had planned our usual 9+ mile walk to visit family but with it still snowing pretty heavy as well as lots of rain forecast for later we stayed in instead. We watched some TV, played and all got lovely warm pj's on to snuggle up with. 

Yesterday we had a new addition to my family with D having a new uncle arrive! He was 8lb when we showed D a picture he said baby. Although he kept trying to take my phone. It will still be a while before we get to meet him as they live in England but I am sure by then I can figure out Skype ( I hope).

Granda got snowed in on Friday so D couldn't go up but we are going today as normal.  We are currently on the bus on our way there.

Hopefully you all had a wonderful week too!

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