Saturday, 24 January 2015

Our Adventures This Week #12

This week our adventures will include some from last week. I didn't write our weekly post last week for a few reasons but mostly because for most of last week we where all still sick. Which meant our most exciting daily activity was super comfortable pj days filled with films and toys being played with in between our family naps. Like I said not very exciting but very enjoyable! It's not often we get this amount of pure family time (we are working on it though).

It was Thursday before we felt we could venture from the house without risking any of us getting any worse. At this point we hadn't watched the weather for about 4 days, this was a bad idea. We where all getting ready to leave the house (Yay!) When the rain started, we could then see the wind. We managed to miss a weather warning for 4 days! It was simply too wet and windy to go anywhere.

Friday came with the prospect of D free time, Granda came to take D for the first time since Christmas.  We decided we'd have a nice night watching TV, relaxing and a nice Long bath. Didn't quite go like that... within an hour Simon had fell asleep, so I watched lots of films on Netflix after a quick trip to the shop for popcorn (my heaven!).

On Saturday I actually started our post but I couldn't get any further than 3-4 sentences, after 3 attempts to no avail I realised I wasn't comfortable forcing myself to post something I wasn't happy with (Sorry!). With that decided it was time for a good long walk to the shop with D's aunts and cousin (Boy, did that walk hurt!) After we got back to granda's I helped my sister with a few things and it was time to go back home.

On Monday the almost impossible happened! We started our de-cluttering and the first of new year wishes, (I do realise being seriously excited by this is very strange,  but I was) we started with Daddies drawers. I think this was the core of excitement.  All those broken,  dried up pens, random bits of useless paper I can't even understand?  All gone! I must say he was really great about it and soon realised that it was mostly junk after I found three chargers for a phone we owned 4 years ago. What makes this worse is we lived in a different country when the phone broke! (They don't make phones to use the charger anymore!, I had to check,  Yes really) along with other very random, useless objects the broken computer is finally put away (it's going to get fixed, eventually) our bedroom now looks like a bedroom!  YAY no more junk just sitting because 'we might need it'.

Tuesday brought our shopping day and we are finding ways to keep D occupied in the trolley (cars!) Meaning less tantrums and we can actually do the shopping he had lots of fun too so a good day all round.

Thursday finally came and it was time for our 9+ mile walk to visit granda's, granny's, nanny, aunt's,  uncle's and cousins along with some adult conversion that isn't with daddy. It was before Christmas the last time we had visited and that feels so long ago now. January's really flying by and it was nice to see everyone along with D getting so excited to play with the toy in granda's work,  I am beginning to think it's the only reason he wants to go!


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