Saturday, 10 January 2015

Our Adventures This Week #11

This week we are a little lacking in adventures but I do have one in particular that I really wanted to share.

On Sunday evening D was sitting doing puzzles in the living room but he kept pulling at his nappy. I asked him if he wanted it changed (it wasn't really wet and wasn't dirty) after a short think he said yes.

Not long after I had changed D he started to do it again but was still playing so I left him to it. After a few minutes he was sitting on the floor taking off his trousers. (nothing new with that!) I was in for a shock! He walked over took my hand and took me to the bathroom,  pointed to the toilet and then himself and finally his nappy. I finally realised what was wrong.  My baby wants to potty train! I don't think I am ready for this yet, I almost had a little cry. We have not really been getting to it this week as after Monday night D lost interest.

After deciding that it's 'big boy toilet' time D started to get sick on Sunday night and seemed fine by the next morning.  However Monday night came and D was waking up coughing so much he couldn't breathe and was really scaring us. After a call to the bell doc I was more than angry but tried what they said and surprise surprise it made it worse.  In the end we had to go to A and E with D, by 1am on Tuesday morning we had already had a very tiring day. We have been told D has had croup and was also starting to get tonsillitis (D gets tonsillitis every time he gets sick).

By late Tuesday night myself and daddy started to feel ill and by Wednesday we where all lying on the sofa most of the day sleeping or just watching TV. This has pretty much been daily life since and will more than likely be today as well.

Like I said not many adventures this but one big adventure to start a massive journey that is scaring me incredibly. I write this in hope you are all having a better week than us!


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