Saturday, 3 January 2015

Our Adventures This Week #10

This week has been full of tantrums,  learning and celebrating.  With Christmas just over we had lots of new toys and jigsaw puzzles to do. Plus we ended up getting a new puzzle in the sales too. Now D's favourite thing to do is jigsaw puzzles.

This week he decided he wanted to do them all, at the same time.  So he emptied each wooden puzzle into a pile, arranged the boards together and systematically picked up 2 pieces walking around the board until he came to one that they fit into.  He got it right every time! We where very proud parent's at this. 

This week also marked the end of our Christmas decorations with most of sunday spent taking everything down to make room for D's toys to be put away in a place that he can still play with them when he wants.  My living room now feels so large! (We also got rid of a table we haven't used in months and was just collections of Daddies piles of things) I actually threw a few things out this week from Daddies collections but shhh don't tell him!

The next few days had ended up being PJ days as nobody really knew what to do in the 'in between' days as I saw people refer to them on social media. We all had great fun playing and discovering everything Santa had brought once the ball pit was put away it was like Christmas day all over again. We went out for dinner one night during this time and D was adamant that both George and Baby had to come too. So here he is giving them both a cuddle.

New years came and we got all dressed up for going to Nannies to celebrate with family.  We finally got to meet D's cousin properly instead of seeing them as we are out and about every now and then.  D got to see nanny and lots of his aunt's and uncle's while he ran around playing with nanny's rag dolls. (They are supposed to be for show) He had great fun telling everyone bye bye at every opportunity and everyone had to give the dolls a kiss and hug before they could go to bed. So it took a while for it to happen. D would not go to sleep for anyone and had to make sure that his cousin was asleep too. After midnight we had all said happy new year and D finally fell asleep. Typical as we are getting ready to go home D goes to sleep! We ended up staying a little longer and got home ready.

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Yesterday the only notable event was we made banoffee pie. Yummy!

Finally today we came to Granda's for our weekly visit and helped take all their decorations down and get their house back to normalish standard. D is currently running around enjoying himself with everyone's Christmas toys.

I hope you all had a great new year's and a nice relaxing week as we did.

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